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How Alcohol Changes Your Physical Appearance

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How Alcohol Changes Your Physical Appearance – Alcoholic beverages have always been one of those must-have drinks during parties and special gatherings. Many people love to drink alcohol as it helps them relax, loosen up, and overcome social anxiety, especially when in a crowded place. But, even with these relaxing benefits, healthcare professionals have constantly reminded everyone to drink in moderation. Otherwise, too much alcohol could adversely affect your health. In worst cases, your alcohol consumption could turn into alcohol abuse or alcohol addiction.  

Some of the known effects and illnesses brought by drinking too much alcohol are liver diseases, high blood pressure, heartburn, stomach ulcers, and more. But, besides these illnesses, did you know that alcohol can also alter your physical appearance?  Drinking occasionally may not show immediate signs, but, over time, you’ll notice changes in some aspects of your physical appearance.  

Here are some potential changes and problems you’ll experience in your physical appearance from drinking alcohol:

1. Premature Skin Aging

There’s no doubt that excessive consumption of alcohol can dehydrate your body. If you’ve noticed, after you’ve been drinking the previous night, you wake up feeling extremely thirsty. That’s because the alcohol in your body has slowed down the process of your vasopressin hormones. This hormone is responsible for kidney functioning. With low vasopressin levels, your kidneys will need to work harder to restrain the excess fluid, causing your organs and the rest of your body to become dehydrated.   

With that, it also leaves your skin severely dehydrated, considering that this is the largest organ you have. Ultimately, when you’re constantly abusing alcohol, your skin will start to age prematurely and show signs of wrinkles and cracks around your face and eyes. You’ll also appear to have dry and sagging skin, and your pores will dilate more, leading to more whiteheads and blackheads, which could turn into acne. 

That’s why alcoholic people are often perceived to look a lot older than their age because of their excessive alcoholic drinking. So, if you or anyone you know is abusing alcohol, encourage them to participate in a structured alcohol rehab program at or other rehab centers within your area before it’s too late for their health.  

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2. Damaged And Brittle Hair

Besides your skin, dehydration caused by alcohol consumption could also affect your hair health. Excessive drinking will dry out your hair follicles and cause your hair to become brittle, dry, and more prone to split ends. In worst cases, alcohol abuse could also lead to hair thinning. Even if you try to combat these hair issues with hair products and salon treatments, it’s still unlikely to get your hair back in its healthy state since the root cause of its damage is from within your body.  

Your body needs an ample amount of zinc and vitamins B and C To keep your hair healthy and prevent possible hair loss. However, with too much alcohol in your system, your body suffers from zinc deficiency and lower levels of vitamins. So, if you’re wondering why your hair treatments and salon appointments aren’t working out for your hair, perhaps. It’s time to check on your drinking habits and cut them off for good.  

3. Red And Blotchy Face

You’ve probably experienced having a red and bloated face before while you’re drinking at a party. Many people often consider this a normal body reaction when you get drunk. And it usually dissipates once you sleep it off or sober it up. However, when you’re a heavy and chronic alcohol drinker, the bloat and redness of your face will not likely go away quickly. That’s because alcohol forces your blood vessels to constrict and your capillaries to break and eventually pump more blood on delicate areas of your skin, such as your face. As a result, you’ll have a red and blotchy face.  

Furthermore, alcohol can also cause permanent swelling or bloating of your face. Not only will this change your skin’s appearance and texture, but it could also affect your self-esteem. In worst cases, the constricted blood vessels on your face will also affect your eyes and cause them to look bloodshot.   

Unfortunately, these skin conditions can’t be easily treated unless you completely stop drinking for good. Thus, the best way to approach these alterations in your appearance is to seek an alcohol treatment program.  

4. Bloating

Other than your face, alcohol can also cause bloating in your stomach. The toxins brought by the alcohol will make your body work twice as hard to process them, causing you to become dehydrated and deprived of electrolytes. When this happens, your body will be forced to retain any fluid it has, making your digestive tract bloated. Sometimes, bloating can also occur on your hands, feet, and, most commonly, your face. 

5. Key Takeaway

Alcohol consumption has become a social norm for many years. While alcohol will likely remain and stay present in all celebrations and parties, it’s up to you to control your intake and ensure you only drink in moderation. Otherwise, these physical changes could happen to you or, worse, put you at risk of severe health problems.  So, pick your drink wisely, drink less, and don’t forget to look after your overall health.  

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