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8 Nutritional Benefits of Chlorophyll Supplements

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Nutritional Benefits of Chlorophyll Supplements – Everyone talks about chlorophyll these days. It’s certainly a great supplement, but which nutritional benefits can it provide? For those who are wary about taking yet another supplement, try liquid chlorophyll. You can get all the chlorophyll benefits when mixing it with water and sipping throughout the day.

What is Chlorophyll Really?

Chlorophyll is the green pigment contained in plants – also in veggies, of course. Green veggies like broccoli and kale or watercress are very high in chlorophyll, but algae contain a bit more. It doesn’t only provide plants a green colour, it also provides them with energy. Via photosynthesis (remember that one from school?), it turns the sun’s UV rays into energy for plants. Thus they can grow, even if they’re in the shadows. There actually are two types of chlorophyll of which one serves plants thriving in the sun and then those who grow in the shadows.

As a supplement, chlorophyll is extracted from plants and stabilised with copper salts. In its natural form it’s too unstable so you’d not get chlorophyll benefits.

What is Chlorophyll Really - Nutritional Benefits of Chlorophyll Supplements


Magnesium does have a lot of tasks in your body. When you’re magnesium deficient, you will notice red and dry skin on your face. But also those nightly leg cramps are a sign of magnesium deficiency. Fortunately, chlorophyll is rich in magnesium so you can several chlorophyll benefits just with its high magnesium levels

First in line for magnesium are strong and healthy bones, which do also need calcium. Half of the magnesium you digest is stored in your bones and the other half in organs and tissues, such as muscles. For your muscles to work properly with relaxing and contracting, they need magnesium. If you want strong muscles, the chlorophyll benefits are all yours. Furthermore, magnesium helps to balance your blood pressure and blood flow.


As previously noted, strong bones need calcium apart from magnesium. Most of the calcium is stored in your bones, but also your teeth need calcium. Moreover, chlorophyll benefits strong and flexible tissues that allow you to move around better. If you’ve got a tendency to easily break your bones, you should take advantage of chlorophyll benefits.


Iron may remind you of red blood and that’s where the chlorophyll benefits are in this case. Your body requires iron to create haemoglobin which is a protein of red blood cells. Your red blood cells carry oxygen to your lungs and other organs. There is some research that seems to hint at chlorophyll benefits for a higher red blood cell count.

Vitamin K

Your body requires Vitamin K for several functions. On the one hand, it makes your bones stronger. On the other hand it serves for blood clotting. If you lack Vitamin K you will bruise easier and may also get osteoporosis. Research currently finds low Vitamin K levels could also be related to low blood pressure and result in coronary heart disease. With chlorophyll benefits, you’re doing something good for your bones and your heart at the same time.

Vitamin K in Chlorophyll

Vitamin C

Everyone knows which important role Vitamin C plays for your oiled functioning immune system. It protects you from all sorts of diseases and helps you with allergies (e.g. hay fever). But it can do a lot more. For example, it keeps free radicals in check, protects cells from free radicals and repairs damage by free radicals. Furthermore, you need it so your body can create collagen. Collagen isn’t just important for your skin, but also for wounds to heal faster. Here’s why chlorophyll benefits include better wound healing and anti-ageing properties.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A plays a vital role in several organs to work effectively, such as your lungs, kidneys and your heart. But it’s also an important factor for your immune system. Apart from that you may have heard that you’d have to eat a lot of carrots for healthy eyes. There is something to it since Vitamin A is a carotene which is needed for good eye vision. Instead of eating a bunch of carrots every day, you can also get enough via chlorophyll benefits.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is quite an interesting vitamin. You also need it for your healthy immune system while it tags along with Vitamin C to fight free radicals. As you can see, there’s always something to do in your body and you don’t notice it at all. Apart from that, it widens your blood vessels and prevents blood clotting. It’s a perfect match for Vitamin K contained in chlorophyll. But there’s more. Vitamin E is needed for your cells to communicate with each other. Think of it as your own internal WiFi system so your cells can send each other messages.

Vitamin E


In regards to B-Vitamins it depends a lot on which plant is used to extract chlorophyll. There are several B-Vitamins, such as Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12. B6 helps your immune system to stay on top of things while it is a necessary component to create haemoglobin. It’s also a crucial vitamin for cognitive function. B12 also helps with cognitive function. If you’re lacking both vitamins, you feel deprived of energy or also depressed. However, Vitamin B12 is additionally responsible for making DNA. You need new DNA all the time as your cells keep on renewing themselves. Those cells need to know what they have to look like and what their purpose will be, which is stored as info in your DNA. To keep your own DNA healthy and always feel full of energy, chlorophyll benefits are on your side.

How to Get All the Chlorophyll Benefits?

To benefit from chlorophyll, you’d have two choices. Either you consume a lot of green veggies or you pick up a supplement like chlorophyll drops. To really get all the chlorophyll you can from veggies, you’d have to eat them raw or drink as a green smoothie. Now, that’s not everyone’s taste and that’s where chlorophyll drops come in handy. You can just add them to water and get all the benefits without having to consume sheer kilograms of green veggies.

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