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Best Collagen Powder – Types of Collagen Powder, and More

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Best Collagen Powder

Best Collagen powder is one of the most recognized presentations of this protein, also in your nearest supermarket.

And it promises to have incredible effects on your health. Or bones, there are some specifically for each problem.

Types Of Collagen powder

Have you ever seen collagen powder or collagen pills say “type I, II or V”? it means they come from different animals and that they contribute something extra to your body.

Although you may think collagen helps skin, hair or bones, there are some specifically for each problem.

Type 1 collagen: cares for the skin’s structure, strengthens hair and cares for ligaments

  • Type 1 collagen is the most shared collagen that you will find in pills and powders.
  • It helps to take care of the ligaments and bones and improve the hair structure to prevent hair loss.
  • Take care of the ageing skin and help it stay young. This type of collagen is mostly of marine origin.

Type 2 collagen: ideal for taking care of the immune and digestive system

  • Type 2 collagen comes typically from chicken. This type of collagen takes care of cartilage and takes care of the intestines’ functioning, improving the immune system and the digestive system.

Type 3 collagen: protects your bones and prevents inflammation in tissues and ligaments

  • Type 3 collagen works typically in conjunction with type 1 collagen. One of collagen’s benefits is that it cares for the skin.
  • And improves bones’ structure to prevent inflammation and pain in later years and is even essential for good cardiovascular health. Type 3 collagen comes from beef.

Collagen type 5 and 10: strengthens bones and forms cell membranes

  • This type of collagen is the least common in some supplements. Type 5 and 10 collagen helps strengthen bones, improve their structure, and form cell membranes.

What is the best type of collagen for you?

First, you must think about what you require collagen if you are looking for it to supplement your skin.

You or hair is interested in taking care of your bones and ligaments to prevent pain and inflammation in older ages. We give you 3 different options with types of collagen.

1. Collagen type 1, 2, 3 with apple and cinnamon flavoured probiotics that are responsible for strengthening hair and delaying wrinkles:

  • This supplement contains collagen type 1, 2 and 3 that will help you to take care of aging skin mainly by making it more elastic.
  • It can strengthen the hair to prevent hair loss, and it will also take care of your bones, ligaments and tissues.
  • An advantage of this collagen is that it contains probiotics to take care of the intestinal flora and prevent the digestive and urinary tract diseases.

2. Type 1 and 3 collagen, takes care of ageing skin and bones to prevent popping in the joints :

  • Take care of your skin, repair your hair, have stronger nails and take care of ligaments, tissues and bones.
  • Consuming this collagen is an excellent option to prevent ageing skin, but you also want to prevent diseases later.
  • If you already notice pain or popping in your joints, this collagen is a good, very complete alternative.

3. All types of collagen to protect your entire body from head to toe:

  • Sometimes the consumption of all types of collagen is to obtain the best nutrients to strengthen your entire body. In some cases, the price can be high, but the quality is worth it.
  • It can be consuming from the age of 25, which is when a collagen production deficit occurs. However, it contains vitamin C to improve its absorption and production.

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