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Best Face Primer – The 10 Best Face Primers, and More

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Best Face Primer

The use of the best face primer has become a commodity for makeup and protects your skin, which is sometimes used alone without foundation.

What is a primer?

  1. The primer is a transparent product applied to the face before the makeup base to prepare and protect the skin before starting to apply makeup.
  2. It helps close pores, mattify the skin and make makeup last longer. There are those aimed at applying to the face and other special ones for eyelids or lips.
  3. Its main effects are the absorption of fat, leaving a mattifying and anti-shine impact on the skin.
  4. They are tightening the dermis, closing pores and reducing imperfections, and of course, allowing the makeup base to adhere better.
  5. The best makeup primers also protect your skin, preserving its pigmentation and providing hydration to the face.
  6. There are also primers in many different textures, depending on what suits your skin type best. Makeup primers can be in a cream, liquid, or mousse format.

How to use a primer?

  1. The most significant important thing is that you do not use a lot of product and only apply a little where you need it most since otherwise you could overload the face and achieve the opposite effect to that desired.
  2. Before using it, your face or the area where you will apply it must be clean and hydrated.
  3. The primary step to follow will be to take a few drops of primer or primer and apply them with the fingertips’ help in different areas of the face or where you need it.
  4. Then, as if it were a cream, you must spread it with circular movements over the rest of the face, geetha govindam hero name either with your fingers or with a specific brush.
  5. Make sure there are no uncovered areas or areas with excess product and caked.
  6. Let it settle for a few seconds, and then you can apply the makeup base or continue with your usual makeup routine.
  7. You can also use a few drops to your makeup base to make its finish lighter and more natural.

The 10 best face primers

Now that you know what they are and how they are used, we show you the best primers or primers for a professional finish.

1. Le Blanc de Chanel

  • One of the best makeup primers is Le Blanc by Chanel, an illuminating primer that mattifies your skin and leaves it radiant without shine.
  • It is also multipurpose since you can use it both as a primer and as a corrector for skin redness.

2. MAC Prep + Prime Skin

  • MAC offers another of the best primers you can use. It has a softening silicone effect that provides a very light base for your makeup.
  • It is specially designed to eliminate redness and provide luminosity and adapt to your skin and unify its tone.

3. The POREfessional by Benefit

  • Another of the best makeup primers is from the Benefit brand and is aimed at concealing pores.
  • It is also a first silicone effect, but somewhat denser, filling in pores and leaving your skin velvety.

4. Step 1 of Makeup For Ever

  • The first Step 1 Skin Equalizer from Makeup Forever is another of the best-rated. And it also comes with a wide offer according to the needs of your skin or your objective.

5. Becca’s Backlight Priming Filter

  • This primer is one of the great favorites for the luminosity it brings to the face. It is aimed at all skin types and is ideal for dull complexions or to create a stunning effect.

6. Studio Perfect Primer by NYX Professional Makeup

  • NYX Studio Perfect is another of the best makeup primers and comes in three different versions, depending on whether you want to reduce pores, correct redness, or brighten yellow tones.

7. Hangover Primer by Too Faced

  • Another favorite primer is Hangover Primer from the Too Faced cosmetic brand.
  • Creamy-based, this primer contains coconut water and oils that illuminate your face and help give you a fresh, natural look.

8. Optical Illusion Complexion by Urban Decay

  • Urban Decay Optical Illusion is an ideal primer for all skin types, which minimizes pores, leaving a matte and smoother finish on your face.

9. Under (cover) by Marc Jacobs Beauty

  • This coconut-based primer is a perfect skin smoother, keeping it hydrated and protected, with a more lasting effect on your makeup.

10. Lumi Magique from L’Oreal Paris

  • L’Oreal’s Lumi Magique is another perfect primer for dry skin since, in addition to leaving a glowing face.
  • It offers excellent hydration. It can be secondhand both as a primer and to add highlights to makeup. Also you can find more helpful resources at techcrunchpro.

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