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Best Foundation – 5 Best Foundations To Choose

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Best Foundation

The best foundation makeup base is an essential product since it allows us to improve our skin’s appearance in one simple step.

There are many types of makeup base, some more coverage than others, some with treatments, they vary according to the type of skin.

5 Best Foundation


  • This MAC base gives a natural coverage -not very light nor very thick, so if you have many imperfections, have a concealer on hand-, resistant to water and oil-free, making it ideal for oily skin.
  • It does not have sunscreen, so it is recommending if we want to take a photo. However, it is necessary to apply powder later. Otherwise, you will have a slightly sticky finish.


  • Rimmel has created this foundation with medium to comprehensive coverage while maintaining a natural and radiant look.
  • It contains 15 sunscreens. It is relatively easy to apply although you must be careful with the amounts.
  • Also, it has small notes of shine, so it is not recommending for very oily skin. The additional plus opinion is that it is relatively inexpensive.


  • Like almost all Clinique ones, a very covering base follows the treatment line, visibly reducing pores not only in appearance but with prolonged use.
  • It has a moderately accessible price considering that it is a base and a treatment simultaneously.

4.Max Factor

  • They offer a 3-in-1 that includes primer, concealer and foundation in one product, specially designed for busy women or those with little patience.
  • It is a liquid foundation that spreads quickly, although it is not a very covering foundation. It has a matte but luminous finish.


  • It has a natural finish, does not shine and is ideal for all skin types. It has a gel-like texture, medium coverage, factor 15 sunscreen.
  • The only problem with this foundation is that it has little variety of shades, and even the lightest shade can be a little darker. Also you can find more helpful resources at royalbeautyblog.

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