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How to Choose a Wig According to the Shape of Your Face

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How to Choose a Wig According to the Shape of Your Face? – Choosing a wig is a kind of art! It should fit not only in size but also match the shape of your face harmoniously. However, we understand that every person is unique, and the features are individually formed on various faces. That sounds great, but it can cause some problems with the wig choice. We will tell you how to match the face with the hairstyle to choose a good wig that will reveal your beauty and hide the flaws you want to get rid of,it is easy to choose wigs from shop online nowadays.

Let’s determine the shape of the face

Professional stylists distinguish 5 basic face shapes:

  1. Oval. An oval face is often considered the most harmonious and attractive. It is characterized by a slight narrowing in the jaw area, a smooth, arched hairline, and “impeccable” proportions: the width and the length of the oval face have a ratio of 1:1.5.
  2. Round. You can easily distinguish this type of face. Its characteristic features are a shape that repeats the circumference in an almost perfect way, a wide hairline, and a small length relative to the width. It is noteworthy that the widest part of the face falls on the area of the cheeks and the lower part of the ears.
  3. The owners of a square face attract attention due to the angular shape of the chin and the width of the jaw, almost equal to the width of the forehead. This type of face looks harsh in some cases, although you can easily adjust its features if you want.
  4. High, slightly angular cheekbones, high forehead, narrow chin are the characteristic features of a face that resembles both a heart and an inverted triangle. In addition, women with this type of face often notice the so-called “widow’s peak” or a narrowed upward hairline.
  5. Long face. Elongated faces are characterized by a noticeably longer length with a rather narrow width. Because of this proportion, the chin seems narrowed, the horizontal width of the forehead and the jawline practically coincide, and the cheekbone line is straight and even without any hint of rounded cheeks.

To determine the shape of your face, use one of the following methods:

  1. Mirror method. Stand in front of the mirror and comb your hair back. If you wear a fringe, put on a headband or attach it with hairpins. Use soap or lipstick to outline your face in the mirror.
  2. Tracking method. Trace the contour of the face from the photo.

Having received a schematic image of your face, examine it thoroughly and make sure which form appears most clearly. If you want to do it better, answer several questions sequentially.

What is the widest part of your face?

  1. Facial features are symmetrical. If the width of the forehead, cheeks, and chin are about the same — you can have a square, round, or oval face. To determine the shape of the face, proceed to the next question.
  2. Forehead. If the forehead is the widest face area, and the face visually narrows down to the chin — most likely, you have a heart-shaped face.
  3. Chin. As a rule, the owners of triangular and square face types have a wide and protruding chin.

What is your chin shape?

  1. Round. A rounded and beautifully shaped chin is typical for a round or an oval face.
  2. Square. A massive chin is a striking feature of a square type of face. At the same time, your chin may be pointed as well, but the cheekbone line will be flatter and less elegant than that of the oval type. The owners of triangular faces may also have square chins.
  3. Pointed. When the chin line is sloping and seems to taper to an invisible point, you can refer yourself to the heart-shaped category.

What are the proportions of your face?

  1. Symmetrical. The length of symmetrical faces, as a rule, is slightly longer in comparison with their width. If you want to define that, draw a horizontal line at your eye level from one temple to the other, and the second one vertically from the hairline to the tip of the chin. If you get a ratio of length and width of 1 to 1.5 — you have a symmetrical face, like the owners of an oval, triangular, or heart-shaped type.
  2. Short. If the ratio of the length and width of your face can be defined as 1:1 — you are the lucky owner of a round face shape.
  3. Long. All types can fall under this category, except round ones. It depends on the individual features of the facial structure.

Choosing a Wig According to Your Face Shape

Regardless of the face type you have, some wigs can hide flaws and emphasize the advantages of your appearance in the most successful way. Now you know your face shape, and it will be much easier for you to make this choice!

Wig Styles for Oval Faces

There are practically no restrictions in choosing a hairstyle to match an oval face: it looks great with or without fringe. However, if the proportions are still a little bit imperfect, you can correct them visually. For example, a smooth hairstyle with a straight parting is not suitable for a too narrowed forehead. And if an oval face has a somewhat elongated shape, it would be better for you to give preference to some longer haircuts and fringes.

Straight hair of the same length, layered haircuts like a cascade, an elongated square, and a classic bob: choose one of these options, and you definitely won’t go wrong!

Wig Styles for Square Faces

Your task is to disguise a massive jaw, which means that all attention must be switched to the eyes and upper cheekbones. It is important that the shortest tier of the “ladder” starts from the lower line of the cheekbones to mask the widest part of your face.

According to stylists, you should try a wig with a voluminous crown. This technique will help to lengthen the face and make it narrower, which will make the proportions almost perfect. If you are worried about a too sharp and rough face shape, you should choose a wig with long strands, flowing waves, or a cascade – they will hide the angles of the jaw and soften the features. Wigs with different kinds of fringe also look good but in this case, you should choose the length more carefully until you find the one that suits you perfectly.

What you really should avoid is straight strands and geometric haircuts, especially those that end at the chin level (for example, square bob) because they will attract even more attention to the angular shape of the face.

Wig Styles for Round Faces

The main commandment for the round-faced beauties is voluminous styling and curls that hide cheeks and wide cheekbones. A high bun and a ponytail are a dangerous choice, as well as boyish haircuts.

The best wigs for the owners of rounded faces inspire with airy flying waves and light curls. Your ideal length is from the shoulders and below because this option will make the chin line clearer, and the whole face will look more refined. In addition, you will have to give up short haircuts, pixie hairstyles, as well as styling with inward-facing ends and layers.

Wig Styles for Heart Faces

If you have got the face of this very type your task is to narrow the forehead and expand the chin visually using straight lines. When choosing a haircut, follow the rule: reduce the volume in the upper part of the face and add it to the bottom.

Wigs with a long thin fringe falling across the forehead, as well as models with voluminous layers in the eye area will help you emphasize the dignity of the face, hide flaws, and feel irresistible. A bob haircut and a cascade around the face can also be a very flattering option because they bring symmetry to perfection.

We also recommend you to forget about wigs with a voluminous and high crown because they lengthen any heart face and make it more out of proportion.

Wig Styles for Long Faces

It is obvious that the owners of a long face will have to work more on width than on length. Wigs with a chin length or with an average length (from the chin to the upper shoulder area) will definitely come to the rescue. Models with long waves and light loose curls will also help to achieve balance and adjust the proportions of the face. However, they are wigs with bangs that will become a real lifesaver for you: the voluminous and forehead-covering element “cuts off” a significant part of the length, bringing the shape of the face closer to the type that is considered a real perfection – we mean oval.

Of course, it is very important to determine the shape of your face if you want to be a success when choosing a wig. However, faces in which various features work together are not so rare. That is why we advise you to consider our guide just as recommendations that will help you move in the right direction. Try different styles and lengths and spare no time for fitting – and when the reflection in the mirror seems perfect to you, you will realize that you have found YOUR wig. We hope our tips will be useful for you but do not take them as strict rules. After all, the best wig is the one that you really like and makes you even more beautiful.

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