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4 Dangerous Myths About Addiction and Drug Recovery

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Dangerous Myths About Addiction and Drug Recovery – Addiction is a serious problem worldwide, with about 20 million Americans struggling with substance abuse or addiction. In addition, some people who receive treatment for drug addiction relapse within six months.

Addiction is characterized by compulsive behaviors that negatively impact life. Although addiction affects millions every year, the good news is that treatment is possible at various treatment centers worldwide. And treatment can change an addict’s life forever.

Unfortunately, some people believe they cannot recover from their addiction because of certain dangerous myths surrounding addiction and drug recovery. Here are four such myths to be wary of.

1. People who Use Drugs are Weak-willed and Irresponsible

One of the greatest misconceptions surrounding drug recovery is that addiction is a moral failing. This myth convinces drug addicts they are weak and irresponsible, have no control over their lives, and that they caused their own drug addictions.

This is enough to cause addicts not to consider drug recovery centers as a source of help. Instead, they tend to wallow in self-pity and believe they have no control over their substance abuse problem. In addition, they will never take the first step towards drug recovery until someone convinces them they have believed a myth all along.

Showing them love and showing them they could live better lives without drugs is important to push them to accept help. Also, addiction is a brain disease, and no one chooses to become addicted.

2. There’s no Cure for Addiction

Some people believe there is no cure for addiction. As such, they will never seek help in drug recovery centers. They believe they are beyond help, forgetting that most people who seek help from drug recovery centers stop drug use completely.

Sometimes people use this myth hoping that treatment is a one-time fix for addiction. However, the lack of the will to enroll in drug recovery programs that last over 21 days makes them brush off any hopes of curing their addiction.

3. Drug Recovery Treatments are Ineffective

This myth surrounding drug recovery aims at convincing addicts not to take the first step toward recovery. Furthermore, it shows addicts that some or all treatment options are ineffective. It is easy for addicts to believe this myth, given the high relapse rates. But relapsing doesn’t mean that drug recovery treatments are ineffective.

Treatment is progressive and covers not only the addict’s body but the mind and soul for holistic recovery. So, those looking for quick fixes dismiss treatment quickly, claiming it is ineffective.

4. People who Abuse Substances will Always Relapse after Treatment

Often addicts will not go to treatment centers out of their free will. But, regardless of how they get there, treatment is pivotal in the life of an addict to help them stop using drugs. However, this myth that most people relapse after treatment is designed to cause an addict to ignore treatment. So, they brush off the treatment idea and continue living in addiction.


Drug recovery programs and treatments are an addict’s best shot at recovering their life and living clean. However, that possibility is marred by these dangerous myths that only propel the addict’s worst fears of living in addiction forever. Debunking these myths gives the addict hope for a better life.

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