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Hair transplant in Turkey – Cosmedica Clinic

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Turkey has a long history of success with hair transplants. The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery estimates that over 1,000,000 hair transplant procedures will be performed worldwide in 2022, creating a market worth about $2 billion. Compared to other nations, the cost of a hair transplant in turkey is relatively affordable, starting at about $2,000.

Why is Turkey so cheap for hair transplants?

Turkey has emerged as a destination for medical tourists, particularly in recent years. Many potential patients are perplexed why hair transplantation is so inexpensive and accessible in Turkey compared to other nations. Such high demand has undoubtedly given many entrepreneurs, including some doctors, chances.

Turkey is recognised for performing hair transplants for a small portion of what other countries charge. Many people also wonder why hair transplants are so inexpensive in Turkey. The clinics’ reasonable costs do not imply that you will receive subpar care. The prices are lower in Turkey because there are fewer expenses than in other nations.

When establishing the price of hair transplant treatments, the clinics have a significant advantage over their European rivals thanks to Turkey’s low labour cost.

The physical space that a firm requires to operate in represents one of its major expenses. You get access to more than 1200 hospitals in Turkey.

Are hair transplants in Turkey safe?

Yes, it is safe to move to Turkey for a hair transplant. Turkey is an extremely secure nation. Medical tourists frequently visit Turkey worldwide for plastic surgery operations, including hair transplants. Nobody has encountered any security problems while entering or leaving Turkey.

Medical tourists from other nations should adhere to a few rules for a safe and secure trip to Turkey for hair transplantation.

Why is Turkey so good at hair transplants?

Why is Turkey so good at hair transplants_

Turkey is the best choice if you want to get your hair transplant procedure done at a fair price. Turkey is one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in the world, known for its beautiful sandy beaches and ancient cities. Many people worldwide are unaware that Turkey is also growing in popularity for medical tourism, especially for aesthetic operations like hair transplantation. A cheap hair transplant and various forms of therapy are now available in Turkey thanks to the government’s significant investments over the past few decades in bolstering the country’s medical infrastructure. Here are five good reasons to have the hair transplant of your dreams in Turkey.

Turkey’s hair transplant prices are far less high than those in the US and Europe. FUE hair transplants cost between $ 10,000 and $ 30,000 in the US and the UK but between $ 2000 and $ 8000 in Turkey.

Great Surgical Precision and Accuracy: Hair transplant surgery in Turkey is renowned for its high operative precision and accuracy. Success rates average between 98% and 99.9%. The vast majority of Turkish hospitals have JCI accreditation and ISO certification.

Package for Surgery: Turkey has several attractive packages for hair transplant surgery. These packages include transportation, hotel, floods, and medical care.

World-class Surgeons: Turkey is home to some of the top surgeons in the world. In Turkey, hair transplant surgeons consistently have success rates of above 99%.

No Waiting Lists: There is hardly any waiting list in Turkey, and the waiting list can be longer than two months in other nations like the US and the UK.

Turkey’s geographic location: Turkey is in the middle of the world makes it simple for patients to go there from anywhere in the world. So, it is simple for US and UK patients to travel to Turkey for hair transplant surgery.

How much do 4000 hair grafts cost in Turkey?

The amount of a hair transplant in Turkey most likely ranges between $1,500 and $3,500 for every 4000 grafts. Other countries provide a considerably wider variety of hair transplant procedures than Turkey. The price of a hair transplant in the UK and the USA is between $6,000 and $11,000, and this is because living expenses and access to healthcare are generally higher in these nations.

Is One Hair Transplant Enough?

The hair transplant process uses the patient’s healthy hair follicles from the donor location to thicken the hair in problematic areas. The number of accessible donor grafts and the size of the recipient area determine how extensive a hair transplant process can be. Even though most patients only require one hair transplant to achieve the desired look, others may require two.

Because there isn’t enough density, most people undergo a second hair transplant. Because of the first procedure’s failure or the progression of hair loss after the first hair transplant, a double hair transplant may occasionally be required.

Why Cosmedica Clinic?

Why Cosmedica Clinic_

Dr. Levent Acar, a renowned physician who graduated in 1999, is the team leader of the Cosmedica Turkey hair transplant facility. After receiving his degree from Istanbul University in 2005, Dr. Acar continued his aesthetics and laser therapy education, improving his hair transplantation technique. Dr. Acar and the clinic have received licences from the Turkish Ministry of Health, an endorsement only given to the most respected and successful medical professionals.

Additional vital members of the Cosmedica team who merit special mention are the nursing staff and the other doctors that monitor patient care and difficult cosmetic surgery. One of the clinic’s key selling points is its guarantee that its doctors and nurses speak English. When procedures are done abroad, this is not always possible, and many of Cosmedica’s competitors cannot provide the same level of customer service.

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