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How to Have A Healthy Gel Manicure

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A chipped manicure is possibly one of the most annoying things, and that’s what makes gel manicures such an attractive manicure option. Conventional polish chips within days while a gel polish provides a beautiful, glossy, chip-free manicure that can last up to two weeks or more! While a gel manicure has many attractive benefits and can even help your nails grow long by providing a layer of protection, it can also wreak havoc on your nails if not properly cared for. However, with a little TLC, your nails can be incredibly healthy with a gel manicure. Follow these tips to ensure your nails stay strong and healthy and are always looking their best.

Use High-Quality Products

These days, there are many gel products on the market, and they may not all be good. If you’re getting gel manicures, it’s important to use high-quality products that don’t contain harmful chemicals as these can cause irritation and even damage your nails. At the salon, you will need to request a specific brand or they may use the cheapest brand in the shop. SNS brand developed a health-focused gel with only non-toxic ingredients and healthy added nutrients that actually make your nails healthier with every application, promoting healthy growth and strength.

Wear Gloves/Sunscreen

Probably one of the biggest downfalls of gel nails is the use of lamps, to cure the nail, which contain harmful UV rays. However, there’s an effective way to protect yourself. If you’re regularly getting gel manicures, you can lower your risk of sun damage on your hands by applying sunscreen beforehand, or alternatively, wearing fingerless gloves.

Ask for a UV/LED Hybrid Lamp

If you forgot to apply sunscreen and forgot your gloves at home, you can ask your salon if they use a UV/LED hybrid lamp. These new lamps greatly reduce your exposure to harmful UV rays, making them a much safer alternative to other UV lamps.

Don’t Pick or Peel at the Polish

While gel manicures last a super long time, they eventually do grow out and need to come off. It may be tempting to pick or peel at your gel mani, but it’s probably the worst thing you can do. Peeling your gel mani can actually peel off a layer of your nail causing it to become extremely weak and brittle. If your gel mani seems to be on its last leg, it’s crucial to get it properly removed by a nail tech.

Change Gel Manicure After 3 Weeks

Gel manicures have lasting power but they’re not meant to last forever. Leaving gel on too long can lead to weakened nails and it can also put you more at risk for possible unknown bacterial infections. To ensure your nails stay healthy, it’s important to change your gel manicure after no more than 3 weeks and assess your nail health between applications to ensure there are no issues that a manicure may hide.

Use Cuticle Oil Daily

To keep your nails healthy and hydrated, they will definitely benefit from a daily application of cuticle oil. Not only will your manicure look better, but it will also be healthier, too. Cuticle oil keeps your cuticles from drying out and becoming hard and jagged, and it also nourishes your entire nail bed, promoting healthy future nail growth.

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