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How to Solve Error [pii_email_90980572eec69a8fc634]

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How to Solve Error [pii_email_90980572eec69a8fc634]

The error [pii_email_90980572eec69a8fc634] is one of the most common errors users experience while using Microsoft Outlook.

Nowadays, communication and online software or applications have become essential to managing and balancing our personal and professional lives.

We use multiple accounts of Microsoft Outlook to manage and plan our schedules, emails, tasks to do, and so on.

The more we use particular software, the more we can face some errors. Among all the errors, [pii_email_90980572eec69a8fc634] error is the most common one.

Explanations for [pii_email_90980572eec69a8fc634] error

As mentioned above, the error [pii_email_90980572eec69a8fc634] is one of the most common errors users experience while using Microsoft Outlook. Here are some reasons why you might get wrong [pii_email_90980572eec69a8fc634]:

A pop-up error occurs when you incorrectly install Microsoft Outlook on your device. Using multiple accounts without scanning caches and cookies is another common reason. Receive the error code when outlook opens, which you have not to update into a new version.

Occasionally, suppose you cannot identify the reason for getting the error. In that case, it is recommended to approach the application’ Sometimes, if you can’t determine why you got the error, it’s recommended that you approach the app support team to find out where you are.

Troubleshooting [pii_email_90980572eec69a8fc634] support team to know about your situation.

Troubleshooting of [pii_email_90980572eec69a8fc634] error

Here are four simple and easy solutions to resolve the error quickly [pii_email_90980572eec69a8fc634]. Be sure to follow the instructions described in the methods correctly:

Update Microsoft Outlook

Have a look if your device supports the latest version of Microsoft Outlook. If this is not supported, update the Microsoft Outlook application and remove the previous version. Upgrading to the previous version will recover your files in the new version.

If you’re installing a new Microsoft, you may need to back up the necessary files. Choose the easy file transfer option. If Outlook still displays an error [pii_email_90980572eec69a8fc634], you should contact customer service.

Clearing Cookies and Cache

First, you need to go to the file options and look for Outlook clear cookies and cache options. After selecting this option, you need to sign out of Microsoft Outlook accounts. If you use multiple accounts, be sure to sign out of all accounts.

Then proceed to shut down or restart and start the device you are using.

Now click on a Microsoft account to verify that the problem has been resolved. If the error continues, try calling the client for instructions or performing the following troubleshooter to fix the problem.

Auto Repair Tool Selection

Check the details of the program by going to the control panel and settings of the tool. Enable the Office 365 app and select the Microsoft app for repair.

Change the button at the start of the application and select the type of patch required.

Go to the network version of the repair tool. Click on the repair tool and follow the commands on the window screen. Try restarting Microsoft Outlook. If the app doesn’t work. And also, contact the channel.

Remove the third-party email application

Due to the problem between two messaging apps, problems are created every time someone uses them.

An unreliable or third-party application must be removed from your computer to ensure a smooth process. Once removed, check that the error was fixed by reopening the Microsoft Outlook app.


There are many reasons why the [pii_email_90980572eec69a8fc634] error is displayed on the user’s screen.

Hence, to resolve the [pii_email_90980572eec69a8fc634] error easily, try the above methods. If the error persists, try calling a service center or a Microsoft technician to investigate the problem.

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