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5 Tips to Keeping a Clean, Healthy Home

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Tips to Keeping a Clean, Healthy Home – Home cleaning is one of those essential aspects that needs to be done daily in order to upkeep your home. We often do cleaning at different levels: from general cleaning to deep cleaning, and even spring cleaning which incorporates organizing as you clean as well.

Cleaning is a way for us to maintain a healthy space, but improper cleaning can lead to a false sense of security against viruses, pathogens, and mold. There may be some spots you’ve missed in your spring cleaning schedule that are now harboring mold, mildew, bacteria, and layers of dust!

Here are our favorite tips to keeping a clean and healthy home, featuring areas in your space that are often overlooked when it comes to housekeeping. Include these tips in your next cleaning schedule, and you can say bye to those nasty allergies, grime, and diseases!

1. Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are notoriously dirty, yet not a lot of people think of having their carpets professionally cleaned often. Even in commercial spaces like hotels and offices, carpets are not often shampooed. Dust, debris, and fluids build up in the carpet fibers, causing allergies and foul odors to emerge from your carpet.

Carpet cleaning is best done by professionals as they can completely strip away the grime and dirt from your carpets. It is important to have your carpets washed every few months or so, especially if the carpet is in a high traffic area such as the living room, den, hallway, or other common areas.

For professional carpet cleaning services, see Luce MG as they know how to fully clean, sanitize, and deodorize all types of carpet fibers without damaging the material. Get your carpets cleaned today, and maintain a  healthy, happy home throughout!

2. Deodorize Your Fridge

Your fridge hosts a lot of different food, and sometimes we just can’t avoid spilling some crumbs or sauce in the fridge. While you can wipe these clean for a short-term solution, the grease, oils, and food particles will rot over time, causing foul odors to emit from your refrigerator.

Deodorizing your refrigerator is a snap when you have charcoal, coffee grounds, or lemons at home! You can use spent coffee beans or lemon peels to keep your refrigerator fresh all week long. Simply dry these under the hot sun, or place them in your oven at a low heat setting until all the moisture has evaporated. Place them in a container in your fridge to deodorize.

3. Clean the Air

Did you know there are dust particles floating around the air that you don’t notice? The air can be just as filthy as any surface of your home, which is why it is important to keep the air clean as well. We can use an air purifier to keep dust out of the air, but you will need to clean the air filter using a vacuum cleaner, or as directed by the manufacturer.

Air conditioners also have filtration systems to keep dust out of the unit, and out of your room. These can be easily cleaned by running the mesh under cold water, and using a soft brush with some soap to scrub away the dust particles. You can also have professional cleaners clean your air purification systems once or twice a year to maintain a healthy home.

4. Keep Shoes Outside

In a lot of countries, it is customary to leave your shoes outside the home to prevent dust and dirt from tracking into the house. This practice has some merit to it, as bringing your shoes from outdoors to indoors will scatter dirt from the outside. Imagine tracking your muddy shoes into the house – you can expect to leave a trail of footprints behind that are filled with microorganisms!

Keep a shoe caddy by your doorstep either inside or outside your home. Keep a disinfection mat by your entryway, and separate your home slippers from your outdoor shoes. This way, you can keep the floors free from debris, as well as any possible pathogens brought about by germs.

5. Disinfect All Surfaces

Last but not the least, disinfect all the surfaces in your home. We can do daily cleaning, but what about daily disinfection? You might have a child or immunocompromised household member, and doing a daily disinfection will greatly reduce the chances of them getting sick just by touching an unclean countertop, table, or toy.

Disinfect daily with sprayable disinfectants, or sanitizing wipes for the ultimate convenience. Make sure to leave the solution on these surfaces to dry so they can work well. Use a steam cleaner for any surfaces and furniture that can be sensitive to a number of harsh disinfectant solutions.

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