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Medicine Write For Us

Medicine Write for UsMedicine Write For Us – Medicine is one of the most important scientific disciplines because its development and practical use are essential for maintaining our health.

In addition, it is also one of the most numerous fields, specializations and sub-fields, of which there are almost fifty today. And in this article, we will make a brief discussion of some of the most important summaries of the fields of Medicine.

Types and fields of Medicine

As we have shown, medicine has a broad science with almost fifty official departments and specialists. However, even if we are talking about the exact science, it is possible to make different classifications and typologies in this type of science.

Below, we will slightly distinguish drugs in many basic variants of specialists.

However, it should be borne in mind that there are many professions in the field of health care that do not have doctors. The most visible examples are nurses, assistants, psychologists and pharmacists. Therefore, we will not find them in the following industries or types of drugs.

1. Clinic

Clinic-centred medicine appears in the collective imagination when we talk about this science. It is the type of medicine in which the professional has a direct relationship with the patient, makes a diagnosis and proposes and implements a treatment. It includes most specializations and is usually the basis from which to redirect to other types of professionals when immediate treatment on their part is not possible.

2. Surgical

Surgical medicine is mainly dedicated to treating a previously diagnosed problem, generally applying an invasive methodology. Professionals work directly by altering the body by either removing or excising. A problematic part or placing devices that can improve its functioning.

3. Medical-surgical

We could understand this type of medicine as a mixture of the previous two, in which both surgical and clinical procedures are used. This is the case with some well-known specialities, such as ophthalmology.

4. Laboratory

Within this category, we can find all those branches that focus not on providing direct treatment to the patient but work from the analysis or samples of elements such as blood, urine, faeces, sexual fluids, secretions or biopsies or from the diagnostic tests such as magnetic resonance imaging, plates or CT scans. Although we do not usually think of them when we talk about doctors, it would not be possible to diagnose or treat a large number of problems without their service.

5. Forensic medicine

Generally, when we talk about treatment, we think of the one dedicated to diagnosing and treating diseases in living patients. Still, the truth is that there is also a type of medicine whose objective is to assess. The existence of injuries derived from criminal activities or investigate the causes of the death of a person.

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Medicine Write For Us

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