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10 Myths and Facts About Breast Implant

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Myths and Facts About Breast Implant – Breast enhancement surgeries are among the most popular cosmetic surgeries worldwide; recent studies place breast augmentation in the top five procedures.

Breast augmentation helps patients who want to reverse pregnancy effects, undergo massive weight loss, or have their breasts removed and need breast implants.

This article will cover ten myths or facts commonly misunderstood about breast implants.

Breast Implants Are Permanent (Myth)

Studies suggest 1 in 4 women who have had breast implants will need implant replacement in 10 years. The fault isn’t in the surgery or implant material, but your body will undoubtedly undergo changes over time, weight fluctuation, pregnancy, revision surgery, and so on.

Most of these reasons are outside your control and lead to shortening the breast implant life span.

Breast implants in Turkey Are Affordable (Fact)

International patients trust Turkey as a top destination for medical and cosmetic procedures. The country offers world-class service and has elite surgeons on bar with European doctors, if not better.

Unlike in the UK and the US, breast implants cost 50% – 70% less in Turkey. The average breast implant in Turkey ranges between €3600 – €4200. And in most cases, if you decide to take a package deal arranged with a health travel agency, the price includes accommodation, treatment, and transportation.

One Week Off Work is Enough After The Procedure (Myth)

The recovery period will vary from one patient to another. Also, the implant placement (behind breast muscle or tissue) will affect the recovery time. Typically, the breast implant behind the breast muscle needs longer recovery.

For breast implant surgery, expect a recovery period of a minimum of two weeks before returning to work. And your work shouldn’t be physically demanding.

All Breast Implants Look Unnatural (Myth)

Silicone breast implants feel and look very similar to natural breasts. There are subtle differences to the touch but not noticeable to the eye. The surgeon can make the implant appear more realistic by placing breast implants behind the chest muscle.

Doctors Provide a Replica Bust Size To Demonstrate Different Implant Sizes (Fact)

You might wonder how a specific bust size will feel or look during your consultation. Your doctor will show different implant sizes filled with beads to demonstrate their weight and feel. Also, the doctor will recommend the ideal implant for you based on your body weight and preference.

You Can Select Any Cup Size You Want (Myth)

One of the most important things you must remember before breast augmentation is to have a realistic expectation of the procedure and its outcome.

You can’t jump from a small cup, such as an A cup, to a DD cup in one procedure. The body and the skin need to adjust to the new changes, so you must take it all in steps, increasing the implants’ size over a few sessions.

If You Smoke or You’re Obese, You Aren’t Eligible For Breast Implant (Fact)

Certain medical conditions like obesity, cancer, and smoking affect the outcome of the breast implant procedure. These medical conditions significantly add risks and complications to the procedure. Your doctor will advise against breast implant treatment until the underlying medical condition is resolved.

Silicone And Saline Implants Are Equal (Myth)

Most breast augmentation procedures nowadays use silicone breast implants. These are the most popular ones, although both have advantages and disadvantages.

Silicone breast implants look more realistic, but detecting any ruptures is much harder. But saline implants are much easier to detect if there is a rupture because the breast will visibly decrease in size.

Fat Grafting is a Less-invasive Alternative for Breast Enhancement (Fact)

Fat grafting (fat transfer) to the breast is the newest innovation in breast enhancement. The procedure uses your body fat to increase the bust size. The fat is collected via traditional liposuction methods from areas like the thighs, stomach, arms, and back, then injected into the breast to create a fuller shape.

To be a candidate for fat transfer, you should have sufficient fat in your body.

The Recovery Period is Restrictive (Fact)

You can’t engage in cardio that involves bouncing, manual labor, or heavy sports for the first weeks of the recovery period. You can start doing very light exercises after a week. You’ll also need to wear a special bra that will provide much-needed support to your chest area.

To determine the best size and shape, consider the results you want to achieve and set realistic expectations.

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