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Can Probiotics Help Women With Mood Swings

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Can Probiotics Help Women With Mood Swings – What are probiotics? Probiotics are the good, healthy bacteria that keep your gut functioning well. If you have recently taken a course of antibiotics, your inner biome may be out of balance and need a boost. A probiotic supplement, or food loaded with healthy bacteria, can help.

Possible Benefits of Probiotics

Probiotics from reliable places like Probulin can bring a sluggish or overactive gut back into balance. The nerves that control the movement and function of your gut can also be brought back into proper reaction with a probiotic supplement.

This supplement can also help to

  • boost your immune system
  • protect your urinary tract
  • reduce skin inflammation

If you have been trying to increase your gut health by boosting your fiber intake and struggling with uncomfortable results, a probiotic supplement can boost the bacteria you need to better process all that roughage. These bacteria are on your side.

How to Take a Probiotic

One of the concerns when reviewing women’s probiotics is that these are considered a supplement, not a medication. The testing requirements are limited and the label requirements are not terribly stringent.

If you’re interested in trying a probiotic, purchase a small container from a known supplement producer that you trust. Consider tracking your dosage and noting any mood changes or alterations to your pattern of mood swings. For example, if you notice that you tend to feel a bit blue late in the day, add your supplement to your lunch routine and track your results over time.

Gut Health and Emotions

There is a direct link between your gut and brain. When you are anxious, you may produce more stomach acid, which changes the balance further down the digestive tract. Additionally, if your gut is out of balance due to stress or a dietary change, those changes can have a big impact on your brain, your mood, and your well-being.

For women in the midst of menopause, the life stress of going through the process may be enough to alter the healthy balance of the gut. Often, women of an age to go through menopause also struggle with

  • career stress
  • caregiver stress as their children and parents get older and need more guidance and assistance
  • relationship stress

Add recent events to the stressful stewpot and it’s no wonder that many women feel out of balance. If you feel negative emotions more easily because you’re living on the ragged edge of all this stress, a probiotic may help you to back away from the emotional cliff.

Finally, consider making a few simple dietary changes to bring your gut back into balance. Cut back on high-fructose produce and increase your intake of oranges, grapefruit, and berries when you need a snack. Make sure one meal a day is loaded with leafy greens, from spinach to kale to cabbage. A simple switch from white bread to wheat can protect your gut from working too hard for too little benefit.

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