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How to Recover Safely After a Double Eyelid Surgery?

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How to Recover Safely After a Double Eyelid Surgery? – Double eyelid surgery is a form of blepharoplasty where the skin around the eye is reshaped to create an upper lid with a crease to achieve a more symmetric, almond-shaped eye. The procedure is often used to treat monolid, a condition where there is no natural fold in the upper eyes.

Many people choose double eyelid surgery to meet their aesthetic goals. But, sometimes, the surgery is done correct a structural issue, such as a droopy eyelid (ptosis) or inward-growing eyelashes (trichiasis). These issues can obstruct the vision or make it difficult to wear contact lenses. If you’re considering double eyelid surgery, it can be helpful to take a few steps for a safe and speedy recovery.

Apply Ice Diligently

After your double eyelid surgery, the blood flow to your eyes will increase, leading to swelling for the first few days. Controlling the level of swelling is crucial during your recovery. Close your eyes and apply ice cubes or a cold pack for 10 to 20 minutes. Try to do this every hour or as needed until you notice your swelling. You can use a thin cloth under the ice or ice pack to reduce direct contact or discomfort when it touches your skin. You should notice a difference within three days.

Keep Head Elevated

Keep your head raised a few days after surgery to safely recover from the surgery. Keeping your head up as much as possible will slow down the swelling and reduce the risk of extreme blood flow at the incision site. Use two or three pillows under your head to keep it elevated when lying down or sleeping.

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Make Healthy Food Choices

Your diet can play a critical role in your recovery. Incorporate healthier items that reduce swelling and fight inflammation into your diet, such as tomatoes and fatty fish. Try to avoid salty foods as much as possible as they can retain water in your body and slow down recovery.

Prioritize Incision Care

Neglecting incision care can result in infections and slow down your recovery. If you have a bandage on the surgical site, keep it on for as long as the doctor recommends. But, make it a priority to clean it as recommended in your post-operative guidelines.

Avoid Strenuous Activity

Engaging in strenuous activities such as lifting heavy items, bending over, or exercising can increase swelling and increase the risk of bleeding at the surgical site. Try to relax until you fully recover from the surgery can wait for your surgeon’s instructions before resuming regular physical activity. You may be able to gradually start incorporating exercise into your routine, depending on your recovery stage.

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Stay Away from Eye Makeup

Eye makeup can result in infections and scar formation. The chemicals from the makeup can also adversely affect your skin and hamper your surgery results. Even if your bandages were removed, applying eye makeup can be risky until your eyes have fully recovered. Wait for the green light from your surgeon before applying makeup again.

Following the guidelines above and being patient can help you recover safely after double eyelid surgery. Consult your doctor before taking any steps, and you will achieve beautiful results.

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