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Saat Hindustani Movie Download

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Saat Hindustani Movie Download

Saat Hindustani (English: Seven Indians) remains a 1969 Indian action film written and focused by Khwaja Ahmad Abbas. AndalsoThe film tells the heroic story of seven Indians who try to liberate Goa from Portuguese colonial rule. We can also download various  movies like mujhse dosti karoge picture

saat hindustani


And also The cast included Madhu, Utpal Dutt, Shehnaz, A. K. Hangal, Anwar Ali (brother of Indian comedian Mehmood), and Amitabh Bachchan, who made his debut with this film.

Details About the Movie

Directed by: Khwaja Ahmad Abbas

Produced By: Khwaja Ahmad Abbas
Manmohan Sabir

Story by: Khwaja Ahmad Abbas

Music by:

Star cast: Madhu
Utpal Dutt
Amitabh Bachchan
Jalal Agha
Anwar Ali

Cinematograph: S. Ramachandra

Edited by: Mohan Rathod

Released Date: 7 November 1969

Running time: 144 min

Country: India

Language: Hindi-Urdu

Box office: ₹810,000 (net)


How To Watch And Download Saat Hindustani Movie

To watch and download the Saat Hindustani Movie, visit the official site of FilmiBeat Movie, a popular torrenting website (especially in India), provides free movies of different languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, etc. Like many other movies,  it has also listed the Movie Saat Hindustani to watch and download the best quality.

More About Movie

In post-independent India, Maria was hospitalized in Goa and told that she would need an operation. She does not know that sharpness, And also according to religion, caste, and language, has created divisions among her group and all Hindus. And also She asks the surgeon to wait for her friends to join her and then recalls her life as a Satyagrahi with the Goa liberation struggle to force the Portuguese to resign.

He sent telegrams to six of his comrades, And also namely Anwar Ali Anwar in Bihar; Shakaram Shinde, based in Maharashtra; Mahadevan based in Tamil Nadu; Shabut Sanyal based in West Bengal; Jogender Nath based in Punjab; and Ram Bhagat Sharma based in Uttar Pradesh. thanneer mathan dinangal movie download isaimini He then recalls how the six teamed up to hoist the Hindustani Tiranga at seven different police chowkis and memorials in occupied Goa and received grueling combat training. While his endeavor was successful six times, the whole group ended up in custody, separated, and told they had betrayed.


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