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Shampoo Bar – Reasons to Swap Shampoo Bottles for Bars

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Shampoo Bar

The most significant advantage of shampoo bar is that it comes completely free of packaging.

So you will not produce waste when using it. You may not have thought about it.

But your beloved traditional shampoo considerably increases your ecological footprint and generates more pollution than you might think.


Reasons to swap shampoo bottles for bars

Bar shampoo (a hair cleanser in bar soap) is the latest hair care products trend.

In general, these products are making with natural ingredients that improve hair health and protect the environment and are very convenient when travelling.

1.Contributes to the reduction of plastic:

  • Currently, approximately nine million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean per year, meaning that a garbage truck full of plastics is thrown into the sea every minute.
  • Shampoo bars eliminate plastic bottles’ need, and most bars come wrapped in recycled paper or paper boxes.
  • They are also efficient to take on a trip, and you have to keep them in metal containers available for that purpose.
  • Security restrictions at the airport are no longer a concern:
  • One of the nightmares of those who travel is that the security agents loot your suitcase, and ask if the liquids exceed the 100 ml limit.
  • It’s even worse than, after the flight, when you open the suitcase, you find that the shampoo bottle spilt all over your favourite set of clothes.
  • Both possibilities are ruling out with shampoo bars, since the security agents will not take a bar soap, and your clothes will not be ruining. Stick shampoo can make your clothes smell good.

2.It is concentrated for a longer duration:

  • Most shampoos are 80 per cent water, and conditioners even more, up to 95 per cent water.
  • Wherefore pay for water when you can add it yourself? Shampoo bars are highly concentrated and generally last longer than their bottled version.
  • On average, a bar lasts longer than two or three bottles of liquid shampoo, which means that you will save money and extra trips to the store.Also find more helpful resources at techiesin

3.They do not use animals for testing and are 100% natural:

  • Many of the brands that make shampoo sticks fight to protect the oceans, fauna and flora.
  • And ecosystems affected by the mass manufacture of chemical-laden products in the cosmetic industry.
  • Many traditional bottle shampoos make up of preservatives and chemicals that remove the natural oils from the hair and dry out the scalp.
  • These chemicals are generally not finding in shampoo bars. Most of the bars containing essential oils and natural ingredients and were not testing on animals.
  • The shampoo bar is free of palm oil, a component linking to deforestation and habitat degradation.

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