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What is Surgery? surgery write for us

However, they are two types of surgery.

  1. traditional, also known as (traditional or open)
  2. Least invasive, including robotics

We try to use the least invasive technique possible. Sometimes we can get a better result for you by using a traditional procedure rather than a minimally invasive procedure.

Open Surgery – Surgery write for us.

To get to the surgical site, we put you under general anaesthesia and make a longer incision. We will close the cut with stitches or stitches.

Least invasive – Surgery write for us.

During minimally invasive treatment, surgeons use a variety of techniques, including laparoscopic, endoscopic, endovascular, “keyhole”, and thoracic, to perform the procedure with less damage to your body. In minimally invasive surgery, your surgeon inserts small surgical instruments into small incisions or a small flexible tube that is inserted into a blood vessel or into openings such as the mouth or nostrils to reach the surgical site. We also use surveillance equipment, small cameras or imaging during procedures.

Benefits can include:

  • shorter cure
  • smaller scars
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • reduced blood loss

Robotics Surgery – surgery write for us.

Robot-assisted procedures also use small incisions and small instruments. Our professional surgeons utilise the most advanced generation surgical system, managing the procedure from a nearby console. 

In addition to the above, the advantages of robot-assisted surgery over conventional surgery are:

  • Enhanced 3D imaging of the inside of the body at the surgical site
  • Easier access to hard-to-reach places

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