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the concept of role theory reading answers

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the concept of role theory reading answers: Role theory is a concept in a sociology and social psychology that considers everyday activities to act out socially defined categories (e.g., Mother, Manager, Teacher). Each role is to set of rights, duties, expectations, norms, and behaviors that the person’s faces and fulfill. The model is based on the observation behave on the predictable way, and the individual behavior is a context specific,  besed on the social position and the other factors. The theatre is metaphor often use to a describe role theory

What is the concept of role theory reading answers

Substantial debate exists in a field over the meaning of role in role theory. A role can be defined as the social position , behavior associat with a social position, or  a typical behavior. the concept of role theory reading answers Some theorists have to put forward the idea to roles are essentially expectation about how an individual thought to behave in the given situation , whereas others consider it to means how actually behave in the given social position. Some have suggested that the role of a characteristic behavior or expected behavior, a part to played, or the script for the social conduct.

  1. cultural roles: roles given by a culture
  2. social differentiation: e.g. teacher, taxi driver
  3. situation-specific roles: e.g. eye witness
  4. bio-sociological roles: e.g. as human in a natural system
  5. gender roles: as a man, woman, mother, father, etc.

the concept of role theory reading answers

Role behaviour

In their life people have to face of different social roles, sometimes they have to be face different roles at the same time of different social situations. the concept of role theory reading answers There is an evolution of a social roles: some disappear and some new develop. Role behaviour is influenced by:

  1. The norms that determine in social situation.
  2. Internal and external expectations are connect to the social role.
  3. Social sanctions (punishment and the reward) are used to influence role of behaviour.

These three aspects are use be evaluate one’s own behaviour as well as a behaviour of other people. Heinrich Popitz defines social roles as a norms of behaviour that the special social group has to follow. Norms of behaviour are of set of behaviours that have become typical among group members; Moreover, in case of deviance, negative sanctions follow.

the concept of role theory reading answers Organizational role

Organizational role is defined as a “recurring actions of an individual, the concept of role theory reading answers appropriately interrelated with these repetitive activities of others so as to the yield a predictable outcome.” (Katz & Kahn, 1978). Within an organization there are the three main topologies

  1. Two-role typology:
    1. Manager
    2. Technician
  2. Four-role typology:
    1. Expert prescriber
    2. Communication facilitator
    3. Problem-Solving Process Facilitator
    4. Communication technician
  3. Five-role typology:
    1. Monitor and evaluator
    2. Key policy and strategic advisor
    3. Troubleshooter/problem solver
    4. Issues management expert
    5. Communication technician

the concept of role theory reading answers

Journal Information

 The Annual Review of a Sociology®, in publication since 1975, covers these significant developments in the field of Sociology. Topics covered in these journal include major theoretical and methodological developments as well as a current research in these major subfields. Review chapters typically cover social processes, institutions and the culture, organizations, political and a economic sociology, stratification, demography, urban sociology, social policy, or historical sociology, and a major developments in sociology in other regions of the world. the concept of role theory reading answers This journal is intend for sociologists and other social scientists, as well as those in the fields of urban and regional planning, social policy and the social work. It is also useful for those in government.

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