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What Exactly Are the Therapeutic Benefits of CBD?

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What Exactly Are the Therapeutic Benefits of CBD? – Cannabidiol, known by consumers and mainstream culture as CBD, is a natural remedy that has been taking over the market in recent years. Derived from the cannabis sativa plant, CBD is the sibling of THC which is another compound derived from the same plant. The difference between the two is the fact that THC contains psychoactive properties, which CBD does not.

CBD has become a go-to for adults looking to find more holistic approaches to health and wellness. Since it is a natural herb, there are ongoing studies to determine if cannabis and cannabis-infused products can help consumers with their aches, pains, and mental anxieties.

So what exactly are the therapeutic benefits that could potentially be derived from CBD? Let’s take a closer look.

Pain Relief

In recent studies, CBD has been acknowledged for its pain-relieving properties. Our bodies produce an endocannabinoid system which includes regulating several important functions from sleep to appetite, pain, and our immune system response.

CBD promises to reduce chronic pain by impacting our endocannabinoid receptors which can reduce inflammation.

Reduced Anxiety and Mental Stress

With the help of CBD, there is a greater potential for anxiety and stress relief through the way the compound acts in our brain. CBD could act as an opponent to many receptor sites, which has been known to reduce anxiety levels. It’s important to always start with the lowest dose to gauge how your body and your mind react to ingesting CBD, whether you’re using edibles or adding oil to your herbal tea.

Increased Heart Health

Heart and circulatory health are essential and should be approached with care and caution. Certain studies have shown therapeutic benefits from CBD that may be able to help lower high blood pressure thanks to its potent antioxidants.

What to Look For When Purchasing CBD

If you’re thinking of experimenting with CBD, it’s important to understand what to look for in your products. There are several brands on the market today, with the numbers rising each year.

CBD oil comes in two forms — full-spectrum or CBD isolates. Isolates are strictly CBD, while full-spectrum oils contain various compounds that are found in the cannabis plant, from flavonoids to proteins and terpenes. It’s important to speak with a professional to understand which product will be right for your body and lifestyle.

To find the right brand of CBD, it’s recommended to choose a product such as twisted extracts that is certified organic, which shouldn’t contain any pesticides or harsh chemicals. As with anything your body ingests or absorbs, it’s important to read the product label to ensure there are no preservatives or flavors that you do not want

How Much CBD to Take

Every individual is unique, but the general rule is to start your CBD experience with the lowest possible dose, which should be recommended on the bottle or packaging you’ve selected. Once you can gauge how your body reacts to CBD, you can make an informed decision going forward, whether or not you can handle increasing your dosage.

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