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Turbo C++ Filehippo

Turbo C++ is an obsolete C++ compiler and integrated development environment initially from Borland. It is designe as a home and hobbyist counterpart for Borland C++. As the designer focus more on professional programming tools, Turbo C++ products were later made as scaled-down versions of its professional compilers. Turbo C++ Filehippo

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Borland Turbo C++ -Turbo C++ Filehippo

Turbo C++ 1.0, consecutively on MS-DOS, was out in May 1990. An OS/2 form was produce as well. Version 1.01 was out on February 28, 1991, running on MS-DOS. The latter generated both COM and EXE agendas and ship through Borland’s Turbo Assembler for Intel x86 processors. The early version of the Turbo C++ compiler was built on a front end developed by TauMetric (later acquired by Sun Microsystems, and their obverse end was incorporated in Sun C++ 4.0, which shipped in 1994). This compiling program maintained the AT&T 2.0 release of C++.

Turbo C++ 3.0 was out on November 20, 1991, amidst outlooks of the coming release of Turbo C++ for Microsoft Windows. Originally released as an MS-DOS compiler, 3.0 supported C++ templates, Borland’s inline assembler, and generation of MS-DOS mode executables for both 8086 fundamental modes and 286 protected mode (as well as 80186). 3.0 employed AT&T C++ 2.1, the most recent at the time. The distinct Turbo Assembler product was no longer include, but the inline-assembler could stand in as a reduce functionality version.

Filehippo – Turbo C++ Filehippo

Filehippo - Turbo C++ Filehippo

FileHippo was well-known in 2004 by the UK-based technology company Well Known Media. The site added a news unit in 2014. FileHippo value to be worth over US$13,000,000 in November 2015. As of March 6 2016, FileHippo does not accept software submissions from publishers. Softonic has since acquired FileHippo.

Turbo C++ 4.0 was out in November 1993 and is notable (among other things) for its robust provision of templates. In particular, Borland C++ 4 was contributory in developing the Standard Template Library, look templates, and the first advanced requests of template metaprogramming. With the achievement of the Pascal-evolved creation Borland Delphi, Borland finished work on their Borland C++ suite and intense on C++Builder for Windows. C++Builder shared Delphi’s front-end application outline but retained the Borland C++ back-end compiler. Active growth on Borland C++/Turbo C++ suspend until 2006 (see below.)

Turbo C++ 4.5 was announce on March 20, 1995. It comprises the ObjectWindows Library (OWL) 2.5, AppExpert, ClassExpert, Object Components Framework. After that, New features include software QuickTour, five new games (Turbo Meteors (an Asteroids-like game), Turbo Blocks, Turbo Cribbage, Turbo 21, Turbo Mah Jongg) with corresponding source codes.

Borland Japan Turbo C++

Borland Japan Turbo C++

However, Version 4.0J ropes DOS for PC-9801 and PC/AT (DOS/V). It comprises Turbo Debugger 4.0. The IDE usages XMS memory. The project manager ropes linking OBJ/LIB libraries and integration with Turbo Assembler 4.0J.

Version 5.0J announce on 1996-07-23. Based on Borland C++ 5.0J, this form comprises an IDE secondary Windows 95 and NT 3.51 and can amass 16-bit software. It contains ObjectWindows Library 5.0, Borland Database Engine, and Visual Database Tools.

Turbo C++ 2006

It is a single language form of Borland Developer Studio 2006 for C++ language, announce initially in 2006-08-06, and was released later on 2006-09-05, the same year with Turbo Explorer and Turbo Professional editions. The Explorer version was free to download and distribute, while the Professional edition was commercial.

However, In October 2009, Embarcadero Technologies obsolete support of all Turbo C++ 2006 editions. After that The Explorer edition is no longer obtainable for download. And the Professional edition is no longer available for purchase from Embarcadero Technologies. Turbo C++ 2006 was succeeded by C++Builder 2007 before Embarcadero acquired CodeGear and dropping support, and the official Turbo C++ 2006 page has later redirected a visitor to C++ Builder 2010.


C++ is a general-purpose software design language created by Bjarne Stroustrup as an delay of the C programming language, or “C with Classes”. The language has lingering significantly over time, and modern C++ now has object-oriented, generic, and functional topographies in addition to facilities for low-level recall manipulation. It is almost always apply as a compile language. Many vendors provide C++ compilers, counting the Free Software Basis, LLVM, Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, and IBM, which is available on many platforms.

In 1979, Bjarne Stroustrup, a Danish computer scientist, started work on “C with Classes”, the predecessor to C++. The motivation for making a new language originated from Stroustrup’s experience in programming for his PhD thesis. Stroustrup found that Simula had beneficial features for significant software development. Still, the language was too slow for practical use, while BCPL was fast but too low-level to be suitable for effective software development.


When Was Turbo C++ 4.0 was out?

Turbo C++ 4.0 was out in November 1993.

What is Filehippo

FileHippo well-known in 2004 by the UK-base technology company Well Known Media.

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