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The Different Types of Men’s Cowboy Hats to Choose From

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The Different Types of Men’s Cowboy Hats to Choose From – Usually, people conjecture the cowboy hats in a similar style, but there are various cowboy hat styles. Most of us think that these hats come with an indented crown and curved brim. That is the conventional western-style, and the very first cowboy didn’t have that form. It was called the “Stenson,” and it was round-topped and flat-brimmed. It’s said that our familiar cowboy hat, which most of us love, with a rolled brim and dent, came from a cowboy having to remove the hat each time he passed a lady on the road or walked into a building. Each time the cowboy grabbed the hat top for removing it, the dents became clear.

The variations over time

Today, the conventional Stenson cowboy hat got evolved. In the 1860s, the conventional cowboy hat got worn only by men. However, today it’s worn by children and women as well. Furthermore, the cowboy hats are no more “one-size-fits-all.” So, it’s not brown and plain as it used to be for the Wild West cowboys. Though it’s true you can still find the conventional forms, there are other types of embellished hats as well, that gets decorated with unique prints, feather, gemstones, and rhinestones.

Today, most men prefer a little bit of jazz and drama with their cowboy hats. So, whether you need a hat to protect your eyes from the rays of the scorching sun or to add more glam to your outfit, you have all the styles you need. If you are one of them, then you must be searching for the best and new-age mens cowboy hats. Here in this article, we have all the essential information about the different types of cowboy hats.

Conventional western cowboy hats

When you think of a men’s cowboy hat, it’s this that you visualize! This handsome hat comes with a conventional oval-shaped, curved brim and an indented crown. You will find this classic style all over Southwest and South American states worn by men. The hat has evolved over time and can protect the wearer from the elements, but you can also wear that hat at a grocery store or a nightclub. It’s best to remove this hat when you meet a woman.

The outdoor cowboy hats

As you see the name, most of you might be thinking, “Aren’t all men’s cowboy hats supposed to be worn outdoors?”. While that is true, there are men’s cowboy hats that get made especially for outdoor events. These hats are down-right rugged and are waterproof and crushable as well. It means these hats will not fade in the harsh sun rays and get soggy when it rains. It won’t get ruined with the daily wear and tear as you sport it outdoors. Usually, it gets made of water-resistant, crushable wool. There are other outdoor hats that get made using fur or wax cloth, which is perfect for chilly nights.

The embellished cowboy hats

It’s interesting to know that adding embellishments to the men’s cowboy hats isn’t a new-age innovation. Facts suggest that men started decorating their cowboy hats right after it got invented. It was a way in which they represented their region and ranch. It allowed men to distinguish their hats from others and appear distinctive. Today, you will come across the men’s cowboy hats with a wide range of embellishments, like colors, various crowns, brim styles and different materials. When the embellishments feature braids, gemstones, and even leather straps that add more style and character to the hat, there are times when the embellishments feature braids, gemstones, and even leather straps.

The leather cowboy hat

Every man would love to sport and own this cowboy hat! Leather is timeless and adds depth and class to one’s persona. Hence, a top grain, fine leather men’s cowboy hat will be a quality investment that will last for several years and perhaps a lifetime. These hats are impressive to look and are also rugged. In fact, they are designed to last long. But there’s just one thing that you need to take care of – the leather cowboy hats aren’t waterproof. Hence, when water gets soaked into the untreated leather, it can make the leather change its shape. At times, it can even get rot. But you can always find ways for waterproofing leather, that can save your hat from getting damaged.

The Cordobes hats

The Cordovan or the Cordobes hat originates from Cordoba city in Spain. It gets worn by several people in Andalusia. Also, “sombrero cordobés,” which is a Spanish phrase, means a wide-brimmed hat. It is very similar to the conventional cowboy hat but comes with a distinct circular, stiff crown and brim. Conventionally, this hat is black in color, but today you can find it in different shades.

The Panama cowboy hats

The men’s Panama hat is lightweight as it gets made with Panama straw. It’s breathable and light-colored, which makes it ideal for summer days. Even though the Panama hat originates from Ecuador, it still joined the men’s cowboy hat family with a dented crown and rounded brim to secure the wearer’s head from the scorching sun’s rays. Today, most fashion-conscious men want to wear the Panama cowboy hats and add more style and quirk to their style.

The flat brim and rancher hats

The rancher, stiff and flat brim hats get distinguished from the conventional men’s cowboy hats because of their more rounded and flatter brim. There are few rancher hats, that comes with a pointed, unique indent on its crown. The rancher hats generally come with a fedora crown and are popular for its creased crown pinched in the front.

These are some of the best men’s cowboy hats and their closest variations to help you choose the one you like best! However, make sure that whichever cowboy hat you select, you look sober and stylish in it. Also, ensure that the hat keeps your eyes and head protected from the sun’s heat. Today, online and offline expert hatmakers specialize in the best men’s cowboy hat collection. You can research and find one to choose the hat you like best.


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