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Using CBD: All The Options!

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Using CBD: All The Options – You can now access CBD products at health food stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, and even restaurants. And there seems to be an ever-growing number of ways in which to experience the benefits, including tablets, oils, balms, vaping devices such as e-cigarettes, and sweets such as honey, gummy bears, coffees, and alcoholic beverages.

But how do you choose between all of these choices?

Well, according to experts, each method has both advantages and disadvantages, and determining which is best for you may need some trial and error.

In this article, we’re going to get you started on the decision-making process by covering all the CBD options you need to be aware of.

Vape Pens

Some people obtain CBD by smoking the hemp plant’s flowering sections, similar to how marijuana is smoked in rolled cigarettes.

However, CBD is rapidly being made available through e-cigarette vaporizer devices, sometimes called “vape pens.” It heats a bit of concentrated CBD oil, enabling you to breathe in the vapor.

Consider starting with the smallest dose. In this case, a single inhale and then waiting a few minutes to observe whether there is an impact, such as pain alleviation or reduced anxiety. If not, try again. Additionally, avoid holding your breath after vaping, as this might irritate the lungs.

If you’re wondering how long do disposable weed pens last? Well. that will depend on how long you draw from the pen on each inhalation.


  • When CBD is inhaled, it enters the circulation faster than other forms in about 30 seconds or less.
  • Vape pens are simple and create little smoke, allowing them to be undetected. It should be noted that Oregon and a few other states have laws that restrict vaping in locations where smoking cigarettes is illegal.


  • Propylene glycol, a solution also used in e-cigarettes that contain nicotine, may be included in a CBD cartridge used in vape pens.
  • At high temperatures, propylene glycol can degrade into formaldehyde, a chemical that can cause eye and nose irritation and increase the likelihood of asthma and cancer.
  • Look for vape pens that say they use CBD oils that are dissolvent.
  • Controlling the dose might also be challenging with vape pens. The amount of CBD you absorb is influenced by how strongly, and for how much longer you inhale. Furthermore, the labels on vape pens might be confusing. It can be difficult to estimate your dosage in some of these conditions.

Tinctures Sprays or Drops

Tinctures are often in the form of oil, which is sprayed or put straight in the mouth. Put a tincture dose under your tongue and leave it for thirty seconds before swallowing. You can also spray inside of your cheeks with a single tincture spray. This accelerates the CBD’s effects.

You’re more prone to gulp down the tincture if you place it on the tip of the tongue, allowing it to slowly go through your digestive system and assimilate the CBD. A CBD tincture may take up to 30 minutes to enter your bloodstream if you mix it with food or drink.


  • Tinctures are the second-fastest way to absorb CBD after smoking, usually taking 15 to 30 minutes. Because of its fast action, it could be very beneficial in alleviating pain or anxiety.


  • It may also be challenging to establish how much CBD you’re getting from tinctures, whether from the bottle dropper or each spray, primarily if the bottle just lists the total CBD content and not the per-dose quantity. If necessary, consult a shop sales rep or use a calculator to determine the amount of CBD per dose. A product with a higher CBD concentration per dose may cost more for each bottle.

Topical-based Balms and Rubs

Topicals are applied to sore joints or muscles. CBD balms are often made of extracts combined with fat, such as beeswax or coconut oil. This mixture makes the product easy to apply to your skin and helps the CBD permeate.

In a retail outlet, ask if you can try out the product beforehand. Some people feel the effects immediately after rubbing it on their skin. Others report feeling better later in the day and returning to purchase the products. Some people receive no alleviation at all.


  • Topicals, unlike other types, are not absorbed throughout the body. Because there is so little established about the long-run health safety of CBD, this could render them safe, which is essential if you consume CBD daily.


  • Products must have a high concentration of CBD to be effective,  which can be costly.

Edibles and Pills

CBD from hemp has a fragrance or flavor of “freshly cut grass.” CBD can also be taken as a tablet. Similar to consuming CBD as an edible, tablets might take up to thirty minutes or more to digest before you feel the effects.

One advantage is that the CBD dose per pill should be more precise on packaging than in other forms. And for chronic diseases like fibromyalgia, where you may need to maintain stable CBD levels in your body, tablets may be a better option.


  • Buyers can find CBD-infused food and drinks at restaurants, retailers, or cafés.


  • Edibles may appear to be a pleasant way to consume CBD, but they are inefficient. Because CBD enters your bloodstream via the digestive system when you eat or drink it, it will take around thirty minutes or more before you feel it. Furthermore, the food it is in and other items you eat may impact how the body processes it, undermining its potential benefit.
  • Other baked dishes, such as cookies and brownies, may have a shorter shelf-life and require refrigeration to keep the CBD oil fresh, according to Backes, a cannabis science and policy specialist.


You may want to combine different products to best suit your lifestyle now that you know how to consume CBD products in various ways. Whichever method you decide to use when consuming CBD, as well as the mix of quality CBD products that best match your demands in life, is entirely dependent on your lifestyle and habits.

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