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Alcohol Is Worse For Your Skin – Ways To Reverse It

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Alcohol Is Worse For Your Skin – Ways To Reverse It – We have all heard about the worst adversities of alcohol addiction.

However, have you ever heard of something called skin problems when it comes to alcohol addiction?

I am sure you have, but very rarely!

Why isn’t it more talked about!

Everyone should know that alcohol is not just a slow poison that can completely wreck your heart and liver one day, but it is quite the fast poison when it comes to your skin.

There are so many ways and wavelengths that it can both affect your skin internally and externally that if you are a skin fanatic or do not wish to age early, you should put down that glass of alcohol right now.

In this excerpt below, we will be discussing some of the drastic ways in which your skin can get the worst blow of your alcohol addiction and why you should look for recovery.

Needless to say, alcohol recovery is very important, and if you choose the correct detoxification and rehabilitation center, the process could be made a lot easier for you.

If you are still not convinced, then keep reading.

Why Alcohol Detoxification Is So Important

The glitz and glamor of alcohol might look really beautiful. After all, it is not some intravenous drug that is frowned upon, and you can very well try it.

However, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t seek immediate alcohol addiction treatment in Austin by VSM Detox if you find yourself falling into the deep ends of addiction.

– They will destroy your body completely. It will start with your skin and then your liver and other organs.

– They are also known for destroying relationships because of the hostile behavior the patient finds themselves in whenever they are under the influence of alcohol.

– They can also make you more confused and delusional as the chemicals can destroy the cognitive dissonance.

Why Is Alcohol Is Worse For Your Skin

Here are some of the common reasons why you should never touch alcohol or give it up right away.

1. Enlarged Pores

With too much alcohol consumption, the pores close their ability to tighten themselves. As a result, you will see that your pores have enlarged, and it is giving your skin a bad texture.

Along with that, these enlarged pores can capture more dirt, bacteria, and oil which can get trapped inside the skin for a longer period of time, causing infections, blackheads, and rashes.

In some cases, you might also find them enlarging and your skin thinning, eventually losing the capability to protect it from UV rays.

2. Cystic Acne

The enlarged pores are one reason to get more breakouts on your skin.

Resulting from the trapped oil and bacteria.

Now, some can even deal with cystic acne because the liver is losing its power to filter out toxins. Now it is destroyed by the toxins of alcohol, and as you know, improper gut health can only lead to more pimples and then cystic acne.

3. Dry & Flaky Skin

When it comes to dry and flaky skin, there are a few things that you should consider.

– First, the hormonal imbalance due to content consumption could be one of the reasons.

– Second, alcohol is known to dehydrate the skin, which could be another major reason.

It can even dehydrate your scalp and cause more dandruff.

4. Early Aging

If you are seeing signs of aging, even when you are in the prime time of your youth, then definitely alcohol consumption is to blame.

They can thin your skin layer, which will cause early aging due to the less production of collagen at a very young age, an individual may start aging.

5. Puffiness

Alcohol has inflammatory properties, which could be worse for your skin.

Yes, it can make you feel bloated, but it can worsen.

The next day of extreme consumption can make your face puffy and red.

Frequently Asked Questions

Alcohol and skin!

Yes, every toxic addiction is correlated to skin. However, yes, alcohol is not something we correlate with skin. So here are some of the frequently asked questions which we have tried to answer.

This is to further clarify your confusion.

1. Can Alcohol Destroy Collagen?

Ans. Collagen is the most abundant protein which is found in the human body, and they break down into finer pieces for the body to use them.

However, with age, this breaking process can slow, which causes aging.

Now, just imagine yourself consuming a lot of alcohol. This can not only affect the breaking down process of collagen, but it can also decrease the amount of cologne produced by a body.

This barrier on your skin is derailing, exposing you more to environmental adversities. As a result, the face is aging more.

2. Can Quitting Alcohol Make Me Look Younger?

Ans. This is probably the tenth time we have heard someone ask this question. Now, this depends.

– If you are someone young who is not supposed to have wrinkles but suffering from them because of the constant alcohol consumption, then quitting will help you regain that natural youth.

However, with age comes certain aging, and you should embrace it. Now, talking about quitting alcohol, there are a few reasons why you should do it.

Your liver and heart are the number 1.

3. Why Are People More Prone To Acne When They Have Alcohol Addiction?

Ans. When someone consumes too much alcohol, they might have to deal with a bad liver.

Your gut health is a big part of keeping your skin healthy, glowing, and clean.

If that gut health derails, having acne-prone skin during alcohol addiction is not uncommon.

Overall Body!

Alcohol is affecting your overall body, and it is not pretty!

Thus, you should stop glamorizing it.

Yes, it is possible to reverse the skin issues, but for that, you have to take recovery seriously and do everything possible to combat addiction.

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