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Best Eyebrow Filler – Types, Colors, and More

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Best Eyebrow Filler

We all have our unique brow shape and color that match our type of beauty. Best eyebrow filler, therefore brow stencils don’t seem like a good idea.

We must discover the most flattering colors and learn how to use them.

What brow filler should you choose?

  • Makeup is one of the “ingredients” we use to create the perfect look. We have to pay attention to the eyebrows, which form a frame for the entire face.


Eyebrow fillers that we can try include:

  • The eyebrow pencil has been made to easily mark the eyebrows’ contour and draw the hairs that are missing in the gaps.
  • The decent thing about this one is that you need extra accessories, such as brushes and unlimited colors available.
  • The brow gel is a bit more difficult to use but ensures greater precision because it is applied with a thin, bevelled brush (the need for a separate applicator is inconvenient).
  • Not only does it color the brows, but it also sets the shape and keeps them in place.
  • Brow powder is the second most popular filler after pencils. It is easy to apply, and there is a margin of error that saves us.
  • We can blur everything if we use too much. Brow powders are often sold in convenient palettes with an applicator.
  • Brow pomade is a creamy version of the powder and blends better with skin for a more intense effect.
  • Plus, ointments are among the longest-lasting fillers. Too bad you have to buy an extra brush to use it.
  • Eyebrow tint is the last filler on the list and the longest-lasting (it stays on the eyebrows for even fifteen hours or so).
  • Plus it gives very intense color. The tint also requires the use of a special precision brush.


  • There’s a reason brow fillers are available in various colour versions. The secret of impressive makeup is the choice of colours that make us look natural.
  • And they must match the colour of the hair and the tone of the skin. Let’s follow two simple rules while making a choice:
  • The eyebrows should not be darker than the hair on the head (but blondes can forget this rule).
  • The eyebrows should not be completely covered in colour, so we must blend the colour well or use a darker tone for the lower brow line and a lighter one for the upper line

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