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Best Foundation for Oily Skin – 6 Foundations for Oily Skin

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Best Foundation for Oily Skin

Best Foundation for Oily skin is mainly characterized by having an oily appearance and the presence of pimples.
Oily Skin

Blackheads, and the formation of shine in the T-zone of the face. That is why it requires specific treatment and care that ranges from the daily routine.

Best 6 foundations for oily skin

1) LORÉAL PARIS Foundation for oily skin: Infallible Matte 24h Foundation

  • An ideal base for those days where there is no room for even a sigh! Long-lasting expert, it resists 24 hours without shine, without imperfections, and with perfect coverage on your skin.
  • Approved by more than 200 #checkers, it can give you the confidence to choose an ideal product for your skin.

Plus: It is a reasonably accessible base with a price of $ 197, which, thanks to its creamy texture. Provides higher coverage.

2) MAYBELLINE foundation for oily skin: Pure Liquid Makeup

  • This Maybelline makeup base is aimed primarily at oily skin. It is perfect for its anti-shine coverage that also fades pores.

Plus: Its price of $ 99 offers you 30ml of the perfect product to mattify and control the shine of your skin.

3) REVLON Oily Skin Foundation: Colorstay Liquid Makeup

  • Revlon offers us this liquid base to have maximum durability on the skin without neglecting what so many women look for, which is a light makeup sensation.
  • It is the perfect option for feeling light but safe, without shine, and with a matte finish.

Plus: Its liquid texture is what will give a much more natural finish to your skin, eliminating the heaviness of conventional makeup.

4) VICHY Oily Skin Foundation: Dermablend Foundation

  • From Vichy Labs, this corrective Foundation is perfect when it comes to high coverage, blemish correction, and 16-hour comfort.
  • Its price is slightly higher since it costs $ 419, but it guarantees the dermatological quality that characterizes this brand.

Plus: It offers you a triple action with pigments, glycerin, and a texture that unifies with a natural finish—all for the price of a single product.

5) MAC COSMETICS foundation for oily skin: Studio Fix Plus Powder Foundation

  • MAC is one of the spoiled brands, and this Foundation offers your skin a completely matte finish, thanks to its two-in-one function.
  • Powder and Foundation in one product leave your skin flawless and smooth without so much effort.
  • You can find it in all MAC Cosmetics boutiques for a price of $ 465.
  • And we recommend that you take advantage of the diagnostic services of their makeup artists as they will teach you techniques and gestures to get the most out of your purchase.

Plus: Thanks to its texture, it is a base that, in addition to excellent coverage, allows the skin to breathe and thus reduces the appearance of pores for longer.

6) CHANEL Oily Skin Base: Perfection Lumière Velvet

  • And for those special occasions where your skin deserves an occasional treat to look unique, this is the perfect base.
  • When applied immediately, it melts, becoming practically a second skin. Very light, it smoothes your skin and leaves it a velvety matte effect with a supernatural finish.
  • Of course, this little whim has its cost; you’ll find the base for $ 850 in department stores.
  • Please take advantage of your visit to ask them for a precise diagnosis of your skin type and advise on the best products for you.
  • They usually offer you samples with your purchase; ask that they be from the products recommended to you to have the opportunity to try them before making your purchase decision.

Plus: In addition to that powdery matte touch on your skin, it offers UV protection and unified makeup that looks amazing and feels super light.

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