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The Biggest Misconceptions of Facelift Ever Heard

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The Biggest Misconceptions of Facelift Ever Heard – Are you thinking of having a facelift? The biggest misperception everyone has about this cosmetic procedure is that it’s risky and that facial fat loss is equivalent to surgery. But things aren’t always as they seem. There are a lot of misconceptions about facelifts, and we at Skinland wanted to set the record straight for you. A facelift surgeon can achieve noticeable results in a very safe and predictable way. Here are the top misconceptions most people have about facelift procedures:

Facelift Look Fake

It is the most significant misconception people have about facelifts. You see celebs walking around on red carpets, looking like their age has stopped in its tracks and thinking that a facelift is what it takes. Facial fat loss surgery will reduce wrinkles, but other anti-aging techniques can achieve beauty and youthfulness. Here’s the truth: Facelifts have lost their stigma thanks to new technology and great work by plastic surgeons everywhere.

Plastic surgeons usually recommend combining treatments to make their clients’ faces look more natural and beautiful, as well as save effort, time, and money. For instance, they usually suggest combining facelift and nose job procedures. A specific example is a hairline lift and rhinoplasty on wide nose. People with alopecia who also want to narrow their bulbous noses can undergo this combined plastic surgery.

Facelift Surgery Will Age You

It is one of the most common misconceptions about facelifts. You’ve been hearing that people who have their faces tightened up turn into old crones, but that’s not always true. Before any cosmetic procedures (or surgeries, for that matter), you need to know what your doctor is doing and how it will affect you. If you don’t know this, you won’t be able to make an informed decision – and will experience post-surgery complications during recovery. Remember that a facelift won’t make you look older than your years but will give your face a refreshed look.

When you talk to your plastic surgeon, do so with an open mind. If you want to look younger, and feel young too, then get a facelift – it’s one of the best ways to achieve both looks and youth. Just follow the plastic surgeon’s post-operative instructions to avoid problems and complications.

Apply ice compress over the surgical site for the first three days to reduce swelling. Avoid bending on your waist and lifting heavy objects for a week. Moreover, avoid activities, such as playing with small children, that may hit or bump your face.

In addition, sleep with your head higher than the rest of your body to avoid further swelling on the surgical site. Your doctor may suggest wearing an elastic wrap to support the swollen tissues for two weeks.

Following these post-operative care instructions will help ensure faster healing and better outcomes.

Facelift Surgery Will Give You Gummy Faces

You’ve heard countless people say that facelifts give their faces a gummy and doughy look. People often don’t want to have a facelift done – they’re afraid that their faces will turn into those of old ladies. It isn’t necessarily because of the surgery, but sometimes because of what people put on top of their faces with alcohol-based preparations.

The good thing is that you can prevent this from happening by drinking an adequate amount of water every day or by using a quality face moisturizer for temporary relief. If you want to keep your face soft and elastic over the long haul, then get a facelift and let your skin heal on its own – no in-office procedures are required. To add to the fact that you won’t have a gummy face, your skin will feel supple, and you’ll look years younger than you did before.

You can consult your plastic surgeon and dermatologist if you have concerns about your facial skin and other related concerns for immediate treatment solutions. Never self-treat or medicate new facial problems, such as odd rashes, hyperpigmentation, swelling, or any sign of infection.

Facelift Surgery Recovery Process Will Be Difficult

It is another misconception people have about facelifts, that they will have a difficult recovery. But this is not the case; you will be able to go back to work right away and go on with your normal activities. A facelift recovery process is not different from any of the other surgeries you’ve had in the past, although there may be some bruising and swelling in the first few days after surgery. However, this usually subsides over time, and you can resume all of your everyday activities in just a few weeks.

Facelift Surgery Is Expensive

Although facelift surgery is not a cheap cosmetic procedure, it can be cost-effective if you shop around for it. If you aren’t looking for the best price, but want to know what a facelift can do for your face and how it can make you look younger, then try getting an online consultation with a local plastic surgeon. You will be able to see what real professionals are doing with the latest technology in plastic surgery and find out how much you will pay for such a service.

Facelift Surgery Is Only For the Ladies

It is another big misconception about facelifts and something that many people think about when thinking about having a facelift. But the fact is that there are male celebs out there who have undergone this procedure, and you can too! The demand for male facelifts has been growing over the years, and there is no reason you shouldn’t get one too if you want to look young. Many plastic surgeons these days offer great deals for both men and women looking to get rid of some fine lines or wrinkles, which will make them look much younger than their age.

Facelift are Only for Pulling Your Skin Tight

Some people think of facelifts as cosmetic procedures that only pull your skin tight. But the truth is that there are many other things it can do for your face. Crows’ feet, wrinkles, furrowed brows, sagging skin, and lines around the nose are just some of the problems that can plague the people of our generation. A facelift is what you need to make your face look years younger and stay looking young too. Don’t let these common misconceptions stop you from getting a facelift.

Facial Implants Will Make You Look Fake

It is another misconception that people have about facelifts: they will make you look fake. However, this isn’t the case. The thing is that when you look at someone who has had a facelift, you can usually tell to some extent that they’ve had work done. But the truth is that this doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of work by your surgeon – it just has to do with how much work you want to be done on your face. Keep in mind that facial implants should be used sparingly and only where they are badly needed.


There are a lot of misconceptions and myths about facelifts, but the truth is that if you are considering getting one, there’s nothing to worry. There is no reason why you shouldn’t get a facelift if you want to look young again. Facelift surgery can do wonders for your skin and face so that you can look young once more and stay looking young too.

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