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How to Choose the Best Pod for Laundry

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How to Choose the Best Pod for Laundry? – It is normal to question what’s the best laundry detergent to use. There are several considerations to take into choosing the right one. But, if you have already chosen laundry pods, you must have to take into the next to consider how to choose the best pod.

Well, if you bring your dirty clothes to the laundry delivery service, you do not have to worry as they use the best kind of laundry detergent pods. However, the laundry pods are the most expensive cost per load. Meanwhile, if you do laundry at home, here are a few tips to know when choosing the best pod.

Type of Laundry Washer

Washers have different detergent requirements, especially those standard and high-efficiency (HE) washing machines. Using regular laundry detergent on this machine results in more suds, making it difficult to rinse. Excess suds may result in two possibilities, your washer gets damaged, or your clothes will be poorly cleaned.

Moreover, HE washers only use lesser water in the laundry. It is risky to use regular laundry detergent when high-efficiency machines are designed for lower water volume solutions.

That’s why a laundry pod is more fit because it is pre-measured and recommended for your type of appliance. A pre-measured dose of laundry detergent produces consistent results which eliminate overdose.


The key to choosing the best laundry pod is to check its list of ingredients. You have to check the active ingredients of the pods. Does it have enough surfactants? Laundry detergents without enough active surfactant cannot lift the soil and grime away from the fabric. Moreover, pods need enzymes to remove stains. These are the active ingredients that raise the product price

However, you have to be cautious as some laundry pods contain harsh chemicals, fragrances, and dyes. Using these pods in your laundry cycles may cause more harm than good. You have to check its content and whether it is safe to use.

If you have sensitive skin or washes baby clothes, it is best to choose the specialized laundry pods. It helps reduce the possibility of skin irritants and allergies.

Wash Cycle

The same with liquid detergents and powders; the safest is laundry pods. Laundry pods can only be used in one cycle. You can use cold or hot water and a laundry pod to ensure the optimum quality of your laundry.

Laundry detergent pods work best with standard top load washers, high-efficiency top-loading washers, and front-loading washers. Do not place the pods in the dispenser drawer, it may not dissolve properly.

A regular laundry load only needs one pod. However, if you do a large load, you need two pods. Be careful when washing large laundry cycles, the laundry detergents might not dissolve properly.

If you want to have the best clean, consider a laundry pod that is formulated with water.

Cleaning Quality

I have asked myself why the laundry service near me, Liox Laundry, uses laundry pods. That’s when I understood the cleaning quality of the pods. It offers beyond regular cleaning, and laundry pods have additional features. It boosts stain removal, maintains fabric color and quality, and reduces odor.

What’s more impressive is it softens the laundry making it feel soft and easy to fold. Some laundry pods have scent boosters that make the fragrance lasts for a couple of days. A combination of the cleaning features, such as detergent and fabric softener, or detergent and color-safe bleach in one enhances its cleaning quality.


Several love their newly washed clothes fresh and aromatic, that’s why some choose laundry detergents with fragrance. However, laundry detergent brands with fragrances have to be quality-checked. Many laundry detergent brands use fragrances to mask their lack of cleaning power. This only cover-up odor but cannot eliminate it effectively.

Choose laundry detergents from a reliable brand. Laundry pods have a wide variety of scents you can choose from. Some even have fragrances boosters that keeps the clothes smell fresh and clean for a couple of days.

However, people with sensitive skin and washes baby clothes should only choose fragrance-free laundry pods. This ensures their health and safety. There is not much to worry about using fragrance-free pods, high-quality pods keep clothes smell fresh for a couple of days.

Tips on Using Laundry Detergent Pods

The laundry detergent pods have found their way into the laundry market and have impacted the industry. Laundry detergent pods are convenient, simple, and relatively effective to use, making them a more popular choice by bachelor and college students.

You can only use the laundry pods effectively when you add them to an empty washer drum before adding the clothes and water. Pods that are placed on top of a load of clothes may not dissolve properly. It results in spots and streaks from detergent deposits.

If the laundered clothes appear spotted and streaked, the pods are not dissolved efficiently. When this happens, do not add any detergent, re-rinse the clothes. Do not toss the clothes if there are still detergent stains, the heat makes the stain settle even more making it harder to remove later.

If you use laundry pods at home, it is important to keep them away from children. Laundry pods have small and colorful packaging which is enticing to the eyes of children. It may be mistaken for candy. Immediately call emergency personnel or poison control if the child swallows or bursts and squirts the pod into the eyes.

Final Thoughts

When laundry pods were introduced in the market, several have jump-shifted because they are highly convenient to use, especially for college students and bachelors. You do not have to measure the detergent and accidental spills are out of the picture.

Although the cost of each load is expensive, it justifies the cleaning quality of the laundry pods. There are laundry pods that have fragrance, but if you wash baby clothes or have skin sensitivity, fragranced laundry pods are not for you. Make sure to remember this when you are going to laundromats.

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