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Dip Powder Nails – Advantages, Immersion Technique, and More

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Dip Powder Nails

Dip powder nails have taken the nail salon industry by storm. Everybody’s talking about it, and everybody’s trying: making the trend nail dip powders.

But in reality, powder dip manicures have been around since the 80s and recently came back into fashion.

What are Nail Dip Powders?

  1. Dip powders combine powder and liquid glue that hardens when the air hits, leaving a long-lasting color on your nails.
  2. It is not necessary to use ultraviolet (UV) lights when applying this type of powder.
  3. Also known as SNS (Signature Nail Systems), powder nails are a better option than gel nails due to their simple application.
  4. Altogether, it would help if you did is dip your nail into a powder of your choice color and close it with a polish coat.

How to Apply Nail Dipping Powder?

As we said before, the application is relatively easy, but it all depends on the method that your nail salon uses. There are two powder nail application techniques:

1. Immersion Technique:

  • Some nail technicians use this method to dipping the nails (hence the name) into the powder after applying a layer of polish as glue.
  • However, the dipping process will continue depending on how deep you want the color to be.
  • This technique has been showing to be not the healthiest. When you dip your nail in the powder, you are exposing to germs. If the powder is not changed continuously, this can be quite unhealthy.

2. Powder Painting Technique:

  • The safest method of applying dip powder is to brush the powder onto your nails. In this way, the amount of powder used will be controlled and exclusive for you.
  • Similar to the dipping technique, apply a glue polish coat, then paint/apply the powder.
  • Apply another coat of glue polish and continue using the colored powder until you reach the desired color. If you are a liability this at home, always be careful and clean the edges.


  • All girl dreams of the perfect manicure that lasts for a long time. Well, dip powders give you precisely that. Dip powder manicures last almost a month.
  • You will show off your natural nails! The powder is placing on top of natural nails, so there is no need to get false nails. However, your nails are long or short, and dip powder is for each nail type.
  • Dipping powder protects your nails. Utilizing it allows the nail to have an extra layer of protection to prevent breakage and enable the nail to grow smoothly.
  • No more chipped nails! Since it lasts longer and thanks to the glue-like polish, the dip powder manicure will not chip or peel like regular nail polish after a few days.
  • And also, you can do it at home! Yes, dip powder manicure is so informal that you can do it yourself.
  • Buy a starter kit online, and you are good to go, but remember to be careful as you will be using glue polish.


  • As we said before, dip powder manicure can be unsanitary as some salons use dip methods. Imagine 10 different people dipping their nails in the same dust.
  • Yes, not right. The amount of bacteria risk is enormous. If you decide to get your powder dip manicure in a salon, try going to one that uses the powder painting technique.
  • The removal process can be a bit longer if you’re not careful enough. To remove powdered nails, you need to follow each step carefully and not bite your nails.
  • Fortunately, it is possible to terminate your dip powder at home. See our nail section for more information on this.
  • It canister be a bit more expensive than other manicures, and this is due to the trend, and not many people know the methods.
  • Dip powder manicure can cause some temporary damage to the nails and also tends to dehydrate them. However, it doesn’t cause permanent damage, so don’t worry too much!

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