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Her Majestys Swarm Chapter 24

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Her Majestys Swarm Chapter 24


Her Majestys Swarm Chapter 24 – They were an army of the revolting and the grotesque. An aggregate of pure spite and bloodlust. An inescapable frightening given form. A symbol of death, most gruesome. They served as an evil omen, signalling the coming of catastrophe.

These agents of souvenir Mori were like the black plague itself; they played out the danse macabre, revelling betwixt the alive and the dead. Their partial flood would surge up from the gutter of insanity to wash away villages, cities, and states altogether.

The name of those that quick and trampled overall was once, and there was a certain real-time plan game. It had the ordinary setting of a fantasy world where many races vied for supremacy. There were twenty-one factions, each split into one of three alignments: good, neutral, and evil.

One good faction, Marianne, gained power through holy faith. A neutral section, Gregoria, was ruled by dragons since the old days. Flame, an evil faction, was a savage tribe hell-bent on spreading destruction across the world.

I remembered all kinds of races and factions, each unique characteristic. They all had distinct units and structures that allowed for unusual, entertaining strategies. But among all the sections in the game, there was one I liked most: an evil faction called the Arachne.

Confirming the Situation – Her Majestys Swarm Chapter 24

Confirming the Situation - Her Majestys Swarm Chapter 24

I took a rapid look about and found a small piece of paper.  illegible upon it all I could recall just before the Swarm’s collective consciousness completely wash away my memories away.

It was an eighteen-year-old college scholar born and elevated in Japan. I didn’t have a lot of groups in real life, but I had plenty of them online. I knew most of them from gaming. When it arose to video games, I was a chatterbox.

I led fairly the sad life if I do say so myself. What I needed in reality, I sought after on the internet. Still, I had no doubts, and I couldn’t claim zero attachments to the somewhat empty life I led in Japan.

I will make it out of this world. I promised the Swarm victory, but I had my own selfish motives at the end of the day. Rather than focus on the goal of attaining some as yet indefinite and incomprehensible victory, I chose to hone in on my wish to find my means back to Japan.

Plan A – Her Majestys Swarm Chapter 24

Plan A - Her Majestys Swarm Chapter 24

I made no effort to hide it also. The Swarm likely knew this from the cooperative consciousness that linked us, but they remained silent on the matter. They seemed to approve of my wish to go back tacitly. Or maybe they future to leave with me and curve my world with the black undercurrents of the Swarm.

Either it was, the Swarm didn’t reject my resolve to go back to my world. I vowed to find a way to permission this world and return house. Except I had no idea where to start. But soon, I will surely find it.

Thus, my first order of commercial was to confirm the situation. After all, scouting was the first order of business in this kind of game. I needed to grasp the terrain, our enemies’ positions, and the resources I needed to produce more units—that is, more Swarms. I needed to confirm the logistic path to those resources and all pertinent information about this region to emerge victoriously.

Plan B

The slavers’ leader took a bearing and rode toward the town of Leen. I attended him, along with a single Ripper Swarm, who hid in the cargo hold. The city’s gates conventional constant traffic from peddlers, leaving it open.

We managed to arrive at the city without much interrogative. Thanks to that, our cargo—and the Ripper Group protecting it—went undetected as we made our way into Leen. Had we been inspected, I planned to alleviate the guard by swiftly jamming a Parasite Swarm down their gullet, but it seemed my anxieties were needless.

At worst, I’d consume had the Ripper Swarm killing the soldiers and turn the bearing 180 degrees to flee Leen. Picking this choice would have meant we’d never reappearance to Leen again. “So, where strength I find the local tailor?” Her Majestys Swarm Chapter 24

In the big town of Leen, my first order of commercial was to find a tailor. “Ahh, that must be the place.”

Upon riding down Leen’s main street, we found a store that had some elegant clothes out on display. It seemed to be the exact kind of place I was looking. I had the slaver stop the carriage, and then the two of us disembarked, leaving the Ripper Swarm to watch the proverbial fort.

“Welcome. Oh, it’s you. The spit. What do you want with us?” While we were first greeted with a retail smile, the shopkeeper quickly turned sour upon seeing the slaver. That was a good thing; I was pleased to learn that this town’s citizens were decent folk.

Conversely, if I’d learned that this world welcomed slavery, I’d have been awfully annoyed.

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