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Why Should You Keep the CBD Dosage Right for Your Dog?

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Figuring out the right CBD dosage for your dog is understandably a confusing process. How much CBD oil should I give my dog? That is the question every pet parent has. There are several factors that affect the answer to this question.

According to a market research report, the CBD pet market was valued at $125 million in 2020. Furthermore, the pet market is expected to grow more than double in size by 2028. The numbers are proof that there is demand for CBD dog products, and thus several brands have sprouted trying to fulfill this demand.

Thus differentiating dosage from one brand to another can get difficult. The article will attempt to make the process of determining the CBD dosages for dogs easier.

What is the Right CBD Dosage for Your Dog?

The various factors that contribute to determining CBD dosage for dogs are:

  • Weight
  • Age
  • Metabolism
  • Activity levels
  • Underlying health issues
  • Specific conditions you want to treat

When wondering, ‘how much CBD oil should I give my dog,’ consider why you are giving CBD oil to your dog. If it is a temporary concern like fireworks, a small dose will work. But, if your dog suffers from a chronic issue, you will have to give them a larger CBD dose.

There is a difference between oil and the CBD dosage to be given. Do not mistake the oil quantity with the quantity of CBD in the oil. For example, the amount of CBD concentration found in a single oil bottle will differ according to the brand. A bottle of 50ml CBD oil may have 500mg of CBD. So every single ml will contain 10mg of CBD.

CBD products will have instructions and dropper markings to help you administer the proper dosage for dogs.

Also, break down a single CBD dose into multiple small doses throughout the day for continued effect. Once consumed, it stays in the dog’s bloodstream for about 6 to 8 hours. Therefore, administering CBD at regular intervals will maintain the blood concentration levels.

Why Should You Keep the CBD Dosage Right for Your Dog?

If you are hesitant about the CBD dosage, start small. It is a new supplement that you are introducing to your dog’s diet. Let their body get used to the product. As dogs similar in size and lifestyle can have different reactions to CBD, it would be best to proceed with the trial and error method.

Start tracking the CBD dosage you give, diet, mood, and activity of your pet. These are indicators that will let you know if the product is doing its job. Once you notice your pet is comfortable with CBD, you can increase the dosage.

Keeping the CBD dosage right for your dog is important to achieve the desired results. For example, if your dog suffers from anxiety or pain, a low dosage would not be able to provide them relief. You will have to increase the CBD quantity to treat their condition.

On the other hand, if you notice your dog has been sleeping more comparatively or is groggy, you might have to reduce the dosage. Of course, dogs could sleep more initially as they get used to CBD; it is not a cause for concern. But if you notice increased lethargy you could adjust the dosage accordingly.

If you are worried about reaching your dog’s upper limit, rest assured full-spectrum CBD products are safe to use.

When in doubt, start with a small dosage, monitor, note down observations, and gradually increase the dosage. Full-spectrum CBD products are safe for your pets, do not shy away from experimenting to get to the right dosage.

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