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Professional Hair Clippers – 5 Best Professional Hair Clippers To Choose

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Professional Hair Clippers

Professional hair clippers have become an indispensable device to keep the hair on the head, face and body at bay, the perfect ally for hygiene and personal care.

Opinion and analysis of the 5 best quality-price hair clippers

1.Wahl 08110-316H

  • If you do not know this brand, we anticipate a famous American brand whose machines are among the best professional hair clippers on the market. You will surely see it in your usual hairdresser!
  • The Wahl 08110 allows you to cut hair to 1.5 mm and 4.5 mm, thanks to the two combs it incorporates.
  • Also, it is compatible with the combs of other Wahl brand machines, such as this pack, of 3, 6, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22 and 25 mm.
  • This model is considered a professional range, and you can even see it in the hairdresser in your neighbourhood or town.
  • Be very careful if you will shave your body hair, as it is a really powerful machine, and we recommend that you do not bring it near sensitive areas.
  • It is a vintage design machine, very hard, resistant and with great power.
  • Also, it includes a sample of lubricant, which you introduce into the corresponding compartment of the device. So that little by little, it spreads the blades, allowing a smooth sliding.
  • The biggest disadvantage is that it is not wireless. However, we know that many users are looking not to depend on the battery’s autonomy.
  • Also, the cable is 3 meters long, long enough for any use that will be given to it.

2.Remington HC5810 Genius

  • The Remington HC5810 Genius comes with an aluminium case, confidential which you will discover. However, 10 combs (3, 6, 9, 12, 16, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 mm).
  • However, a pair of scissors, a neck brush and a bottle with oil to grease the mechanism.
  • We consume to advise you that it is not the best professional hair clipper on the market to make gradients.
  • The size jump amid the combs is too high, although later, you can play with the millimetres on the head wheel.
  • Also, it can be used to trim beards and shave non-sensitive parts of the body (arm, chest, legs but not genitals or armpits). It also does not allow zero shavings.
  • Amongst the advantages, it stands out that it is wireless and can be used while charging.
  • As a drawback, it should be noted that the cable falls petite if you need to reach more inaccessible areas or far from the plug.
  • However, the autonomy is 50 min and, also, it incorporates an LED screen that warns of the battery charge level.
  • It is also a clipper made of resistant materials, which influences its greater weight and quality.
  • However, its high durability is one of the most outstanding advantages of its loyal users.

3.Hatteker Electric Barber

  • It is a multifunctional hair clipper that proposals a lot for a very affordable price. However, the Hatteker Barbero is a rather mid-range machine.
  • The predecessor model was an achievement and one of the best-selling products in this category.
  • Here manufacturer attended to the suggestions of the users and incorporated the developments that they proposed.
  • It is a machine that lets wet hair cutting, with an autonomy of 60 minutes.
  • Also, it incorporates a USB port that will enable it to be charged even from the computer as a differentiating element. The great extra benefit is that it can be used while charging.
  • It originates with a sheath of fabric-plastic very basic, hardly protects. L os plastic materials seem fragile, nonetheless then the consequence is very good.
  • Concerning the combs and heads, bring all. In other arguments, it can be used for practically any part of the body.
  • Here beards, hair on the head (no longer than 1.5 cm), nose, ears, body and even genitals.
  • It derives with a charging base that has compartments to place all the accessories.
  • It is a good idea and very valuable to maintain order if it were not because it is not well finished, the combs do not hold well, and it is easy for them to fall off when you move it.

4.Philips QC5580 / 32

  • The main alteration of the Philips QC5580 / 32 compared to other clippers is that it allows 180º turns on its head.
  • This novelty makes it easy to reach areas of the head that are difficult to get if you cut your hair yourself, such as the nape or sides.
  • It comprises a travel case and two precision combs with 14 positions that will allow you to cut your hair from 0 mm to 14 mm.
  • By cons, it necessity be said that the combs are not very resistant. Also, like all upper-mid-range machines, it requires several passes to speed up the maximum.
  • Despite being a powerful machine aimed at cutting hair, it comes with a specific head to gently shave to zero to avoid pulling and irritation.
  • Cheers to this head can even be used for body shaving of sensitive areas, such as the genitals or the armpits. However, it is not its main function.
  • This Philips hair clipper is waterproof, and so you can clean it under the tap. Be careful do not to use under the shower!
  • A great extra advantage is that it can be used while charging despite being wireless with an autonomy of 60 minutes. Also, it is quite powerful.

5.Panasonic ER-GP80-K

  • The Panasonic ER-GP80-K is 1 of the best professional hair clippers that have been on the market for the longest time, being one of the favourites of users.
  • The central wheel, which is united into the handle to change sizes from 0.8 mm to 22 mm, has been quite comfortable.
  • The immoral thing is that without putting heads, it fixes not cut to zero, but 0.8.
  • It likewise incorporates 3 combs of 3-4 mm, 6-9 mm and 12-15 mm. Which have their base to store them, which is very appreciated.
  • The machine is quite precise and fast thanks to its high revolutions. So it is unnecessary to take as many passes as other clippers. But you will not get a perfect close with single access.
  • Very simple and manageable thanks to its shape. Even for beards and sideburns.
  • We, too, liked that this clipper has its separate charging base. Also, you can use it while you charge it and its cable is quite long.
  • Short of a doubt, the worst thing about this clipper is its limited autonomy (only 50 minutes). And then that it is not waterproof. It is a shame, then. It is the little that is missing.

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