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Realistic Needs And Diseases

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Realistic Needs And Diseases

Realistic Needs and Diseases is a mod that adds to the realism of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Its purpose is to make the Dragonborn feel average human needs, such as hunger, thirst, and sleep, and to improve the impact of diseases on the player character by considerably increasing its penalties.

Skyrim remains such a beloved title primarily due to the incredibly active modding community who spared no expense in tweaking every aspect of Skyrim. This also applies to the game’s realism, with the release of various mods to enhance the immersion that players can experience in this game. With that in mind, here are ten mods for Skyrim that work wonders to impact the realism of this game.

Realistic Needs And Diseases

Climates Of Tamriel Of Realistic Needs And Diseases

Weather is an integral part of making a game realistic. While Skyrim’s vanilla weather systems may be perfectly usable, they get boring to watch after a certain point … especially with the same weather model recycled more often.

This is where Climates of Tamriel comes in. This mod is a great way to diversify Skyrim’s weather and make the whole game look prettier at all levels!

The Dragonborn may be the hero of choice to save the land of Skyrim from the threat of Alduin, but that by no means means that he is an unstoppable force that does not need to rest, eat, drink, and tend to his other needs. . Fortunately, with this mod, meeting those needs becomes a crucial part of the Skyrim game.

Players now need to keep track of all their stats and make sure they don’t run out if they don’t take good care of themselves. It’s an engaging game mechanic that’s a new change of pace from Skyrim’s regular game loop.

Realistic Needs And Diseases Harvest Overhaul

While collecting plants and the like in Skyrim can be functional, it is far from realistic. After all, this harvest does not consider the size of the uprooted plant, the total number of harvestable ingredients in it, and all the rest along the same lines.

The Harvest Overhaul mod takes care of most of these problems with great finesse. Now everything from the full scale of the plantation to the size of individual plants governs the number of units of a particular plant that Dragonborn will harvest.

Water is one of the hardest things to master in a video game. While Skyrim features a ton of bodies of water in the game, the quality of these textures and the way they interact with the world can be pretty shocking at times.


Realistic Needs And Diseases Harvest Overhaul

Fortunately, the modifications also fixed this problem. Realistic Water Two dramatically improves water textures, as these bodies of water also react realistically to the world around them.

It was only a matter of time before this popular mod made a list. After all, it is mentioned in the title!

True to its name, the Realistic Needs and Diseases mod expands the survival nature of Skyrim’s game and takes these mechanics to a whole new level. Fortunately, this mod isn’t wholly unfair and will give players a lot of time before they end up craving food, water, or sleep.

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