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Short Hair Styles – 5 Best Short Hairstyle To Try

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Short Hair Styles

Wearing short hair styles has become one of the latest fashions of the season. It is essential to know that if we decide on this style.

There are different hairstyles for short hair. Whether we want it more formal or informal or if we’re going to highlight one part or another of our face.

1. Bun with half hair

  • This short hair hairstyle consists of making a high bun with only the front of the hair.
  • We leave the back part loose as if it were a semi-updo. It is a very casual hairstyle to do and very comfortable to wear.
  • This type of collection favors a lot, mostly round and oval faces.
  • We can take it to any event, both informal and a wedding or important event.
  • We can also version it and give it our personal touch, for example, wearing two bows instead of one.

2. Wet effect

  • It is one of the most unresolved trends of this year and widely used by celebrities when they attend an act or event. It consists of creating a wet effect on short hair.
  • For this, we need to apply a specific product that simulates this effect on our hair.
  • We can wear it in both day and night events, and the hair is usually combing back.
  • With this hairstyle, we manage to create a groundbreaking and different style that few dare to wear.

3. Short hair with volume

  • One of the best options for doing an easy hairstyle with short hair for a party is to add volume.
  • To achieve this, we let the hair dry naturally and add a mouse to give it volume.
  • Then we make the wig and apply fixation so that it lasts all day.
  • If we have a haircut with bangs, it is not a problem, since it also looks good if we leave it loose.
  • This hairstyle is perfect for females with short hair who want to show off at a party or event.

4. Side braid

  • One of the short hairstyles that are most worn, both for day to day and for events, is the side braid.
  • The types of braid that we can do are many, from root braids, cascading, spike, etc.
  • For this reason, we can see this hairstyle in many variants.
  • We can give a touch of modernity to our look with this type of collection for short hair.
  • Also, depending on the style we want to wear, we can adapt it to fit the look we wear.

5. With waves

  • This hairstyle for short hair is one of the most effortless hairstyles to do and the most result we can get.
  • This style has been a trend for years, and it looks like it will last a few more.
  • We only need to dry our natural hair and make the waves with the iron or with a curling iron to achieve this look.
  • We get an elegant hairstyle that looks great on any face and hair size in a few minutes.Also you can find more helpful resources at TechiesGuardian.

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