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What is Rosehip Oil? – Benefits, Properties, and More

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Rosehip Oil

Rosehip Oil is vegetable oil with excellent properties for conventional and aesthetic medicine.

It is extracting from the rose family’s seeds of a wild bush (Rosa moschata or Rosa Rubiginosa).

Its composition with numerous essential fatty acids (omega 6, omega 3, linoleic acid), antioxidants, and vitamins (retinol -vitamin A-, vitamin C, E) make it an essential item in our home.

Rosehip Oil

Benefits and Properties

Numerous Methodical Studies have shown the benefits of Rosehip Oil against some ailments, diseases, and even skincare.

Thanks to its regenerative effects. Among some of its services and properties, we find.

1. Delays Signs of Premature Aging and Wrinkles:

  • Due to the number of antioxidants and vitamins that Rosehip Oil contains, penetrating the skin’s deepest layers.
  • However, Rosehip has Vitamin C that stimulates collagen production, reducing expression lines and wrinkles on our face.

2. Improves stretch marks and blemishes on the skin:

  • The essential fatty oils of Rosehip improve skin pigmentation, texture, and tone.
  • Due to its high component in antioxidants and Vitamins (mainly C and A), it produces collagen.
  • It protects from external damages such as the sun, reducing stretch marks and blemishes on our skin.

3. Combat the effects of Photo-Aging:

  • The leading cause of photoaging is the grape rays produced by the sun. These make spots on the skin and wrinkles.
  • The combination of Rosehip Oil properties with its antioxidants and essential fatty acids improves pigmentation, skin tone, and texture.
  • Also, Vitamin C counteracts the decrease in collagen produced by exposure to the sun. It can also help in the elimination of redness and irritation of the skin by hydrating it.

4. Rehydrates Dry Skin:

  • The Vitamin A in Rosehip improves our skin’s moisture levels and creates a barrier of impermeability that prevents a significant water loss, which translates into more hydrated skin.
  • It is especially recommended in people 45 years of age or older since, at specific periods, the skin crops less collagen, and elasticity is lost. However, Rosehip Oil helps to balance this loss to a large extent.

5. Reduces Surgical and Accidental Scars:

  • The vital fatty acids in Rosehip Oil help reduce scarring and promote the regeneration of our skin, according to CenterChem, Inc, from the United States.
  • These acids improve the flexibility, permeability, and repair of the skin. However, Vitamin A also plays an essential role as it helps the wound heal better, equalizing the tone and texture.
  • After applying Rosehip Oil, they determined that they managed to regenerate the skin more effectively and faster than usual.

6. Improves Skin Regeneration against Burns:

  • A study carried out in 1996 by JF Oliver carried out in 90 patients who had suffered burns and to whom Rosehip was applying for 4 months saw very advanced improvements in 97% of cases.
  • However, Rosehip Oil improves the skin’s texture by increasing its elasticity. And also, healing, color, and even that of the surrounding skin.

7. Relieves Pain from Arthritis and Osteoarthritis :

  • Some studies have found that Rosehip reduces pain in patients suffering from Arthritis and Osteoarthritis.
  • We cite the one carried out by the Frederiksberg Hospital in Denmark in 2008. And also, which concluded after testing Rosehip Oil in 306 patients.
  • However, with osteoarthritis pain, it was an effective analgesic to alleviate this disease’s ailments, reducing the need to use other medications.

8. Helps Prevent Heart Disease in Obese People:

  • With 31 obese people who were making to consume a Rosehip drink. And another group was given a placebo for 6 weeks.
  • At the end of the research, it was found that the Rosehip group had notable improvements in several risk factors for heart disease, such as high cholesterol and blood pressure.

9. It can prevent the development of Diabetes:

  • Where for 20 weeks, rose hips were given to mice fed a high-fat diet.
  • This study concluded that Rosehip helped prevent the development of diabetes. And also, regulated blood sugar levels, and kept cholesterol in check.
  • It is motionless too early to determine if it can assist with diabetes problems, but the preliminary results are exciting.

10. Strengthens the Immune System and Stimulates Circulation:

  • Here vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that Rosehip contains are a perfect complement to strengthening our immune system and stimulating our body’s Circulation.

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