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What are the Possible Treatments of PPP?

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PPPs, or pearly penile papules, are small bumps around the penis that develop after puberty. PPPs typically occur in one to two rows around the penis.

There is no need to remove PPPs since they aren’t harmful or infectious. PPP cannot be prevented and do not require any specific treatment. However, the presence of PPP in man’s genitals may be psychologically distressing and may affect sexual performance/sexual confidence.

For aesthetic reasons, men choose to have the PPPs removed.

Treatment of Penile Papules.

Always consult your doctor before trying any over-the-counter or home remedy. There is no way to get rid of penile papules with wart medicine, and it may cause more harm than good. The papules do not need to be removed, but again, their appearance may bother you.

Cryotherapy can be used by your dermatologist to freeze these growths off. Your penile papules may go away by themselves over time if you do not treat them.

Most papules can be effectively treated at home. Keeping your skin free from irritation can help clear up papules. Other treatments include:

  • Avoid excessive scrubbing.
  • When washing, use warm water instead of hot water and gentle soap.
  • Avoid putting perfumed lotions or makeup on the affected area.
  • Check to see if the problem is linked to new makeup or lotion.
  • Make sure the affected area gets enough air.
  • Healthy children and adults over 12 with chickenpox papules are encouraged to wait until the disease clears up.

Can Home Remedies Treat Pearly Penile Papules?

Here’s a list of some common remedies:

Tea Tree Oil:

Various ailments, such as fungal infections, can be treated with tea tree oil as a complementary treatment. Tea tree oil will not remove pearly penile papules that are not infections. Furthermore, heavily concentrated oils can cause a burning sensation when applied to sensitive areas such as the penis.

Triple Antibiotic Ointment

Although they claim to be powerful solutions, antibiotic creams provide no relief at all.

PPP Home Removal Kit

The PPP home removal kit has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and you do not have to go through lengthy procedures and lose a fortune for it. You can order it today and get rid of pearly penile papules in no time at the convenience of your home.

PPP Kit uses a simple electrical Ionizer that vaporizes the penile papules just similar to laser treatment done by dermatologists in clinics. You can do it at home, by yourself safely with zero pain at all.

This one home remedy is the one you might consider checking out.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is one of the most commonly used PPP home remedy treatment but will not affect the removal of PPP to the same degree as tea tree oil. Some people claim it works for them but no scientific study has been conducted and proved the efficacy of castor oil for PPP.


As a treatment for itchiness, Calamine does not possess the qualities to remove papules. It is usually used to treat sunburns, insect bites, and various other minor skin conditions.

Topical Acne Creams

It is not possible for potent acne creams to remove papules; they will cause dryness and irritation.

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