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Best Foundation for Mature Skin – 6 Best Foundation for Mature Skin

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Best Foundation for Mature Skin

Best Foundation for Mature skin – Mature skin has more texture than younger skin,” explains the stylist.

“Using a foundation that melts into the skin is essential to look as natural and breathable as possible.

” The key to applying a foundation on mature skin is to avoid using it entirely.

Mature Skin

1.Long-wear even finish by Bobbi Brown

  • Somewhat gelatinous textured base- mouse with a soft lavender fragrance and long-lasting natural look.
  • Modulable since it allows you to build a more excellent coverage if you wish, without recharging the skin.
  • DOES NOT accumulate in pores or expression lines; comfortable to wear and transfers very little. SPF 15

2.Skin Bobbi Brown

  • An icon of the firm, suitable for all skin types and ages. I like it because it has a very liquid texture, light in the application.
  • Somewhat more covering than the previous one and more luminous to the eye. It is very comfortable and leaves beautiful satin skin.
  • It balances with what does not add fat, but the shine will probably appear within hours if you have a shiny mixed area. SPF 15.

3.Clarin’s skin illusion.

  • A mineral base that unifies the tone very well. Its texture is medium fluid because it is a mixture of cream-liquid.
  • It leaves a slightly powdery finish but nothing burdensome. It has that pleasant aroma that characterizes the brand.
  • A makeup base that does not mark the pore. With it, you get a natural, semi-luminous, and quite a beautiful look.
  • The only downside is that not all the tones are available, but outside of there is more possibility of achieving the ideal style. It has been my favorite base for a long time.

4.Bourjois Healthy mix serum

  • A mixture of dye and serum. At the same time that it unifies the tone, it helps to treat it. Very bright and juicy.
  • Gel-like texture, with excellent pigment that helps to unify with a small amount.
  • Not suitable for oily skin, nor with a tendency to produce shine in a short time. It is ideal for dry skin.

5.L’oreal Accord Parfait

  • It is a base that I like very much because even though it contains powder in its composition, it leaves a quite beautiful luminous appearance.
  • It is a primer that could mark the enlarged pore if you do not spread the product well.
  • It is a perfect makeup base for mature skin, but it could accumulate if there are very marked wrinkles.
  • (When I refer to marked wrinkles, I mean profound wrinkles, type over 65 years generalizing a bit.
  • But there are women of that age who have a great complexion and hardly any deep wrinkles, that’s why it isn’t easy to categorize by age)

6.elf flawless finish

  • Light base that unifies the tone very well, very light coverage, and modulable.
  • As I remember, but the formula has changed to a pleasant aroma. It is very comfortable and very similar in texture and finishing with the Bobbi Brown Long-wear even finish.
  • It is a base that I would replace with closed eyes if it were not only sold in Iherb.

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